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Five Skills to Learn in Your Free Time

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Do you waste a lot of time in thinking about the things which you should do in your free time? Do you what is the amount of information through which you go through each day? There are several sites which give us an idea of the number of gigabytes that we consume in a day. I have used them and concluded that an average internet surfer utilises more than 50 GB of data. This significant amount of information gets downloaded into our brain every single day. Yes, you have read it right. To have an idea of the amount of the data, you can compare it with the whole series of the lord the rings trilogy. The picture and the scenario in the same context was something drastically different. The figure a decade back was nearly half. I personally do not like the current character. It is that the quantity of the data does not matter to me. What is of utmost importance in my point of view is that you must focus on the quality. It is not ok to just go through the sites and listen to various podcasts only to enhance the amount of the data.


The average person who is consuming the data in a massive form must be reading content, watching movies and videos, listening to podcasts. But tell me honestly, do you take actions on even half of them?

Yeah, I know the answer. That is why you are here, reading this blog.

Just reading and listening never helps. You need to implement what you have learned.

I am not saying that you would not get any idea just by reading the content, or you will have a blank mind when you are away from the application part. There is a flow of ideas. But what is the worth of that idea? Anything without execution values nil.

Do you too suffer from this situation? Don’t worry. This article will help you in consuming the ideas without going into overdrive.

  • Enquire about your preferred learning style- Every mind adapts to different learning style. Some of you might be a fan of Robin Sharma, and some would be great listeners. Remembering new things in their life depends on the getting minute details when somebody is imparting lecture to them. If you want to learn how you learn the skills fast, start thinking about the things that you grasp without consuming much time. Also, think about the methods in which you originally acquired them.
  • Make a curriculum- Utilize your knowledge of spreadsheets to set up a curriculum for your semester. Have exact information about the timetable of all your classes. You can begin initially by planning each day. Gradually you can get to manage all the things for a 30 days’ plan. Doing and getting to know that you will learn these things in the coming month reduce the load and the unnecessary overwhelm.
  • Acquire the skills of home repairing- Do you often wonder to keep your home tip-top? Do you struggle most of the times to get help for the repairing process? Then learn how to fix anything by yourself. Hiring someone else proves incredibly expensive most of the times. The sources are available on the internet in abundance. Also, you would be able to save a lot of your time. If you find interest in knowing these things, then you can also shift towards doing some specific projects with the DIY methods.
  • Necessary Car Repairs- Are you interested in drawing your wallet quickly? I know, you have not nodded to this question. Nobody wants to make ducks and drakes. It’s better to save some pennies where you can do the small things like oiling and fixing the fuel filters, changing the alternators. The skills which you will learn in your free time and help you in getting a stopgap solution when are stuck in the middle of the road at midnight.
  • Build or enhance your drawing skills- Drawing is an ingrained skill, yes in all of us. Most of the people are born with the natural drawing capabilities. It is a form of communication which imparts the idea without saying a word. It does not depend on the language of the other person. You must have noticed that the toddlers start making drawings before they could read or write. If you do not consider yourself a good painter or drawer (yeah, I am to miles away from this), you can go for a drawing course.


  • The unit bias- your helper

Being humans, we try to get the information into several chunks. In this context, we are saying that choose the amount of data you want to grab in a single day and work for it. If you're going to read a book in a specified time limit, then try to understand a certain number of pages daily. It was an instance; you can use the unit biasing trick in acing all the other regions of work. It is because the humans have a natural tendency to consume things in groups.

  • Pick the same time every day

You will be able to follow through for your daily learning process. You can also make reminders on your smartphones.

If you would consume your time in learning these five skills which are considered to be the most essential in the daily routine, you will reap various benefits. One you would stop procrastinating. The other is that you will add multiple competencies to your skill set. So, what are you waiting for? Begin practising these things and master your own life.

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