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Ever wondered what is the difference between ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and an article on a bear attack that was published in the newspaper?

Both the articles are about the interaction of human beings with bears.

So, what is the difference between the two?

The first article is a made-up story where a girl meets some bears, whereas the second article in a report on facts about bears.

There are many differences between statistical reports and a story.

‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ is an instance of narrative writing. A narrative writing refers to any kind of writing that elucidate a story.

Narrative Writing as Fiction

Most commonly, narrative writing is characterized as fiction. It is usually based on stories and imaginative events that actually did not happen. The other form of writing that is known as non-fiction writing is based on real facts. It includes essays, reports, newspapers, and other informative writing.

There are some non-fiction writings that can sometimes tell a story and that would be classified as narrative writing. The only difference is that the non-fiction narrative writing includes real people and events.

Examples of non-fiction that is narrative writing too are biographies and auto-biographies because they tell the real story about the life of a person.

In a narrative essay, usually a story about a personal experience of a person is told but the writer also makes a point.

Hence, the objective is not only to articulate an entertaining story but also to elucidate the reason for the story as well as the significance of the experience.

Generally, there are four types of essays namely:

  1. Exposition
  2. Description
  3. Argument
  4. Narrative
  • Exposition- These types of essays provide accurate and realistic information related to several topics to the reader.
  • Description- These types of essays provide colorful detail related to the characteristics and traits of a person, place, or thing.
  • Argument- These types of essays persuade the readers by either demonstrating the truth or falsify the topic.
  • Narrative- These types of essays tell a vivid story, generally from the viewpoint of one person.

All the elements of a story are used in a narrative essay i.e., a beginning, middle and ending, characters, plot, setting, and climax. Everything comes together to complete a story.

Some important components of narrative essays

The main concentration of a narrative essay is the plot that is expressed by making use of enough details in order to build a climax.

Following are some essential elements of narrative essays:

  • The narrative essays are generally told chronologically
  • The narrative essays have some purpose that is outlined in the opening sentence.
  • Narrative essays might make use of dialogues
  • Narrative essays are written with sensory details as well as optimistic and lively descriptions in order to make the readers feel involved. All the details are related to the main point that the writer is trying to make in one way or another.

All the above elements have to be combined without a glitch.

If you want to improve your narrative essay, then follow the below-mentioned tips:

  1. Precision

If you are using complex words and syntaxes in your narrative essay, it can lead to hindrances to clarity. Hence, these should be avoided. All the ideas should be precisely distributed in between the paragraphs and sentences.

For instance, I have never been to races before but I was very eager to behold them and also somewhat nervous. The reason being, the types of people who go there.

Improved example: I have never been to a horse race but I was feeling very excited to go there but a little bit nervous too because of the presence of different people at the track.

  1. Do not ever outline your every movement

For example: When I went inside the room, I turned and saw a TV. Then, I looked around and saw many posters and artworks on the wall. As I moved forward, I observed that everyone in the room was watching MASH.

Improved example: I instantaneously noticed the posters and the artworks on the wall. Though every person in the room was watching MASH.

  1. Try to evade the second-person narrative

The most essential part of the narrative essay is that the events described have been experienced by the writer.

For example: When you go into the room, you will turn and see a TV. You see the posters and artworks on the wall. After that, you notice that every person in the room is watching MASH.

Writing in the present tense is okay.

  1. Choose dynamic words in order to interest the reader

Don’t sound too clinical. Try to avoid passive constructions. Make use of the same idiom and slang that you would use in speech.

For example, I am presenting a collection of nasty pictures in which several casualties are presented after automobile accidents.

Improved example: He presented to me, a book that was full of gruesome photos of the people who’d been in car wrecks.

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