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4 Best Project Management Tools Aiding Employing Virtual Teams

Home Articles 4 Best Project Management Tools Aiding Employing Virtual Teams

The concept of employing virtual teams is at a high pace from the last few years. The advances in the software solutions and collaboration tools obliterate the requirements of being physically present in the location to do a task. The technology has brought amazing advancements in the field. Even the surgeries are also performed from distant areas. That means there are no geographical barriers for reconciling the distributed workforce. In simple language, now you can even remote areas, state or country.

Why remote work is given the nod?

  1. Boon for productivity- Flexible jobs are supposed to increase work productivity. They also act as a boon, both for the companies and the workers. How? No water cooler gossips, no distractions, impromptu meetings. The absence of all these tends to increase overall productivity saving a lot of office time. Along with this, the employees also work with more efficiency as compared to being in the office.
  2. Boost in the morale- Lowered stress of the employee is one of the things which a company wishes for. It is because an energetic and positive always work better than his counterpart.
  3. The decrease in infrastructure costs- It is obvious that the companies will experience a significant decrease in their operational costs. As per the reports of Forbes magazine, Aetna has saved around $80 million with a “no desk in office” approach.

Let’s have a look at the best project management tools which have been designed for virtual teams.

  1. Zoho Projects

Effective planning, collaboration and tracking are the three main features of the tool which make generating virtual workforce easy. Moreover, progress monitoring is aided with the planning projects with lists, tasks, and milestones. Features of the tool are-

  • Cloud-based
  • Helps in leveraging collaboration for vendors, employees, clients, and consultations
  • Report visibility is supported by Gantt charts
  • Easy to afford


  1. com-

It is the best tool for managing the workload of the team and improving communication among the workers. The single dashboard of the tool enables the owner to keep a check on the work and the activity of the employees. Centralized communication ease is the result of the tool which allows receiving notifications, mentioning the members. Features of the tool-

  • Commenting options on the employees’ work
  • Fast and eased transfer and organization of files with the help of drag and dropped feature
  • Effective planning characteristic of the tool lets you view schedules, workloads, tasks and never miss the deadlines
  1. JIRA-

It is one of the most prolific and simple tools to be used by the agile team of software developers. The main task of the tool is centralizing the processes which every team member performs. Characteristics-

  • The team choose from out-of-the-box workflows
  • Help in fulfilling significant needs
  • Rich APIs, Kankan boards, Scrum boards, developing tool integration
  1. Trello-

Trello is an online visual planning tool for virtual workgroups. It is lightweight and manages the core project of the team. Users and admins can keep a check on the workflows, set deadlines and assign tasks to the other team members.

  • Ease of adding comments in the work done
  • Adding and creating cards and boards for visual organization of the projects

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