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4 Key Elements of Report Structure

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What is a Report structure?

Report writing is the most common activity for the students pursuing their academic qualification and for the professionals who are into business fields. To write an effective report, a clear and strict format needs to be followed. This outline of the report is known as the report structure.

In most of the cases in the academic tasks, there is some intersection between the reports and essays and these two terms can be most of the times be used interchangeably. The only difference is that the reports are possibly used for business, scientific and technical subjects. On the other hand, the essays are actually the presentation of certain statements along with the relevant reasoning and evidence. Apart from these, there are things to keep in mind before writing an essay.

What are the Elements of a Report?

Reports are likely to have some or almost all the elements mentioned below:

• A brief explanation of a particular situation or event.
• Some explanation highlighting the importance of these situations either by considering your personal analysis or by taking others’ viewpoints.
• A complete study of the facts related to the comprehensive research.
• Description of the possible results.

While writing a report, the involvement of all the above points is not mandatory. Thus, at the time of writing a report for a workplace, you need to follow a certain set of guidelines or the structure.


The Report structure is considered to be of utmost importance to take the reader through the process of your thinking to a particular course of action. Keep in mind that the requirements of the report structure differ from university to university.

However, to write an effective report, the following report structure would be the best one.

1. Executive Summary

For a scientific report structure, the abstract or the executive summary is the short description of all the contents. Many of the students choose to write this section at last, as by that time you are aware of the major ideas of the report. Also, you must know that the executive summary must not exceed half of the page in length.

The main idea of writing this section is to provide a quick summary of the report.

2. Introduction

In the introductory section of the report structure, the main aims and purposes of the are covered. Furthermore, this paragraph defines the method used for inquiry, provides a background of the subject matter of the report.

3. Main Body

It is very important to write the main body of the report structure as it helps the reader to lead through the concern.

You can divide the body section into manageable sections by using numbers and sub-headings with regard to the subject matter. Make sure that you are clearly aiming and focusing on the main issue of the report. Every information that you are adding must be relevant to the subject matter. In many cases, students find it hard to write the structure, this is where they avail essay help online.

4. Conclusions and Recommendations

The main aim of the conclusion is to bring out the outcomes drawn from the information. You can also add recommendations and may be mentioned in a separate section. With the help of recommendations, the readers get ideas of how the situation can be improved and whether it is attainable.

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