4 Steps to write an APA Format Bibliography

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The students are assigned academic writing tasks at the under graduation and graduation level, and the hike in the level of the work has made it necessary for them to focus on even the minute details. Bibliography is an important element of the paper and the students need to look for its formatting and make it error-free. Following the guidelines of APA referencing get them more marks as compared to the counterparts.

Writing a bibliography in the APA format means writing the names of the authors in the alphabetical order. Students often look for APA referencing guide to know more about the style properly. Moreover, all the sources required for writing an essay, article, research paper or any other kind of paper are to be listed. For many universities, writing a bibliography is not an essential task. But, if you want to ease the creation of the final referencing page and wish to do an organized work, then you have the task of writing it on your plate.

The significance of writing an APA Format Bibliography

Creation of the paper bibliography with APA format helps the students to reap multiple benefits. The biggest reason is the ease of the research and the writing process. The other elements of the list of advantages are the development of the deeper understanding of the subject, comprehension of the topic to the next level as well as a better evaluation of the available sources.

Steps to write a bibliography following APA format

  1. Turn the page-

Every time you need to write the bibliography of your academic paper, then make sure you start it on a new page. That page should be entitled “Bibliography,” and to be kept at the centre of the page.

  1. Collection of all the sources-

Gather all the quality sources which you might use while writing the paper. The use of all the sources is not mandatory at this point in time, but the list will help you in preparing the referencing section of the paper. Moreover, the knowledge of the available sources will ease you by reducing the time giving you a better idea of writing the main points and thesis.

  1. Time to create APA reference for every source-

All the references used in the content must be listed alphabetically in order to keep them organized. Write the last name of the author first giving a double-space between the publishing year. Read the mistakes which you should avoid while using APA referencing and their fix.

  1. Back the source by giving annotation-

In most of the bibliographies, you will see only references information, but nowadays, there is a need of creating an annotated bibliography.

How to do it?

Create a summary of the information you collect from the source in about 150 words. The summary must contain the description of the information, its evaluation, and the ways in which the information has pertained in the topic.

What is the significance of giving annotations

  • It assists in the determination of the sources to be used in the paper
  • Ease the instructor’s work and make the judgment of the students’ thought process accessible