Gender Equality and Stereotypes

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Report overview

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and also a necessary foundation for a peaceful, and sustainable world. Today, the cartoonist, and other similar artists are also taking initiative to meet the exact criteria related with gender equality. Implementation of legal frameworks related with female equality in the workplace targeted at women. These factors are crucial to end the gender discrimination prevalent in various countries across the world such as- India, Australia etc. The focus of following report is to answer different questions related with gender roles, corresponding stereotypes and attractiveness in context to selected culture of specific organization.

Gender roles

Today, comic artists are taking initiative to demonstrate the level of gender equality all across the world in different ways. There are some cartoonists who only focus on showcasing the strength of male characters over female characteristics. There is a comic in which the strength of batman is shown to the readers over Batgirl as in case of emergency, only Batman reaches over the exact location and take the credit. Moreover, in posters of comics and cartoons, the female characters are displayed as a supportive character at the backside of main male character. This is completely unjustified with female characters and models of cartoons and magazines.

Related assumptions or stereotypes

There are various stereotypes that are discussed in most of the comics (such as- Marvellous Women) and directly relates with gender equality issue. Some of these stereotypes include- Love interest, Distress damsel, outer look, men strong than women, sexualisation and abuse. All these stereotypes have different values that completely depends on the type of discussion held in comic books.  

Attractiveness in context to selected culture

India is country where people are judged on the basis of their outer & physical look instead of his/her personal abilities and strengths. People attract towards the smart look of a person and there are around 45% of individuals who go for the inner beauty of other person over which they attract. It is understood that outer look is important but in sake of outer look of a person, a person with good knowledge and abilities can’t be ignored because outer beauty is bounded as per age-limit of a person.

Today, most people are attracting towards western culture of foods and wears. In sake of western products, the people who belong to developing countries like-India stop buying the products manufactured and produced in their own country. Promoting own country’s products is an influencing factor and has direct impact on uplifting the economy of the country. These traits have direct impact on my personal values because these traits are completely opposed to it. According to me, knowing an individual personally is the most important aspect rather than judging an individual through its outer looks. It takes some time to know about the exact personality of a person but time is the only factor that helps in understanding the actual beauty of a person.