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Guide to Write an Essay for the Death Penalty

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History and Origin of the Death Penalty

The death penalty is a punishment where a criminal is punished by death. There is harsher and bigger punishment than death and it is the ultimate punishment. The death penalty is practiced by 58 nations presently. One of those 58 nations is the USA. Many debates have been held about the death penalty and it has been discussed that it should be eradicated. Students write an argumentative death penalty essay and due to complexity in understanding it completely, they seek help. The argument is that the death penalty has to be outlawed as this practice does not frighten criminals and does not prevent murders.

When the founding fathers in Britain, declared independence, the idea of the death penalty as a punishment. If a student is going to prepare an essay for the death penalty, he/she has to decide your position on the opinion. This controversial argumentative essay topic is very complex to write well. You need to provide strong and decisive arguments in order to prove your claim strong.

Definition of the Death Penalty

The punishment for many crimes is the death penalty. It is also called capital punishment. The criminal is put to death if his crime is eligible for this punishment. In many countries, this punishment is banned completely and in some, this is banned partially for some crimes only.

In the USA, 31 states support the death penalty. Many states have abolished it and are very against it. While writing a death penalty essay, you can mention the states who have chosen to abolish this punishment. You can discuss capital punishment and the criminal system in the USA in detail.

The states with the governor-imposed moratorium and you can make some comments about this topic in your essay. Information about the four governor-imposed moratoriums should be comprised in your essay. Talk about the legal responsibilities of the state of executing people. There are many people who strongly condemn the death penalty; however, they know the fact that in most of the continental states it is legal.

If you are writing an essay in which you are taking a position to oppose the death penalty, also took some counter-arguments for those who are in favor of the death penalty. You can buy death penalty essay and see argumentative essay samples that are written in favor of the death penalty.

Introduction: Keeping your side of opinion in mind, start writing your introduction. If you are in favor or against the death penalty, make it clear in your thesis statement. Leave a room for further discussion in body paragraphs by keeping your introduction simple and short. For a thesis statement, only two-three sentences are enough. To craft an impeccable essay, get death penalty essay help from an expert argumentative essay writer.

Body: In addition to your thesis statement, you have to provide plenty of information that has to include in the body paragraphs. Whichever side is taken by you, make sure that you examine the pros and cons in your essay. To make your ideas strong and valid, give facts, anecdotes, and evidence in support of your argument. You can encourage your audience to find reliability in the thoughts and opinion presented by you.

With compelling information and statistics, you can make your death penalty essay informative and valuable. If you are writing an argumentative essay against the death penalty, you can discuss how many non-guilty people are in the death row. Make sure that you have added at least three body paragraphs in your essay where every argument provides by you should be supported by the proofs.


Recap everything stated by you in the death penalty essay and conclude your essay with a deep and compelling decision about the death penalty. Restate the thesis statement in the closing statement. Keep your conclusion short up to five sentences long.

After completing your essay, find an essay helper to proofread and edit your essay. Submit your essay to your teacher after getting a good finishing in the argumentative essay. With some guidelines to write an effective persuasive essay, you can learn more tips and tricks.

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