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Case study overview

Headspace is an Australian non-profit organization, which have been providing mental healthcare services to young people. Currently, the organization is using a traditional approach to deal with the patients and their problems. The current system is not capable to provide better services to patients. In order to overcome the problems, Headspace is one of the several organizations who is trailing to adopt NewAccess system.

NewAccess is a mental health intervention, which initially has targeted the youth of 17 to 25 years old and then it has expanded to young people like 12, which is also useful for indigenous youth. This new program especially targets depression and anxiety. This new system has the ability to help Headspace organization to overcome their problems in treating patients in a well-effective manner.


  • In headspace, patients are facing a number of problems while availing healthcare services as they have to meet with multiple professionals and tell them stories every time before they get the treatment they need.
  • With the traditional approach, during emergency healthcare professional had to visit patients by covering a long distance.

In order to overcome the problems which are associated with the traditional system, the organization is essentially required a new information system such as NewAccess which can help them to store and analyze the patients' data in an effective and well-structured manner.


The new system will provide capabilities to the organization to store all the required documents online. So, that can easily be accessed every time of patients' visit. Healthcare organization can save valuable time and efforts of patients as well as their staff members.

The caregivers of patients will be capable to access the patients’ data from anywhere and at any time. With the adoption of new technology, the organization will be able to provide better healthcare solutions to patients. Where they do not have to visit the hospital, patients can have a talk with healthcare professional while sitting at their home and can get prescription accordingly. It can save a lot of efforts and time of patients and healthcare professionals.


Health IT i.e. health information technology is the area of IT which involve design and development of information system for the healthcare sector. The improved and enhanced IT technology can improve medical care and public health at lower cost and less effort. It also reduces errors and improves patients' satisfaction. Modern healthcare technology has received a boost when George W. Bush introduced some incentives for the hospital to adopt an EHR system i.e. electronic health records system, in order to improve the performance of healthcare operations.

Nowadays, almost every healthcare organization is adopting information and communication technology in order to provide better services to patients and to improve the performance of their operations. Information and communication technology has been providing an ability to each and every organization to successfully meet with their business goals and smooth running of business processes. With the help of the new approach, headspace can solve their problems very effectively.