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How is Chemistry Connected to Daily Life

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Chemistry is not just a subject. It is a part of our routine. Yeah, it is not simple to recognize to encounter chemistry in everyday life. The question has become a burning issue. Everything is chemistry, the emotions, the oxygen you breathe, everything we can see and touch is also a part of chemistry. We all know some of the apparent examples and uses, but we will discuss some astonishing points here in this short article.
Even the assignments have attracted it, and they are asked as part of an assignment. You might have searched it somewhere else as well, but on this blog, everything is smooth. Accessible language and easy sentences. Let us have a look at the answer to this question in simple words.

1.    Human body-composition of chemistry, biology and other compounds
Nothing else would be a better example of taking here when we are about to begin the conversation about chemistry in daily life. Our body is a result of the composition of chemical compounds and their different combinations. Yeah, we all know that around 70% of the composition of our body is water. Yes, which is hydrogen and oxygen. Try to think of some supreme examples of this.

a)    It is essential for our body to rely on the chemical reaction. The entire functioning of our body is dependent on the balanced equations which make it a healthy and apt working body. It begins with the breakage of the food particles into small and easy to digest compounds. The enzymes are responsible for the absorption of food we eat.

2.    The food we eat-
Your plate full of rice which you have in your lunch is a result of the indirect use of chemicals. The way you cook is also an extempore of chemistry on everyday life. For instance, when you cooklady's finger, you don’t add salt to it at an early stage. It is because it becomes watery on doing it. Yes, it is the property of salt when heated to make the thing go watery. The salt you eat is a composition of sodium and chloride. Everything is chemistry.

The oil you use to make those yummy dishes is also a result of indirect usage of chemicals. Chemistry is food and food is chemistry.

3.    Feelings are also chemistry
Neurotransmitters act as chemical messengers of our body. They transmit love, jealousy, infatuation, infidelity, etc. are some of the emotions which carry the chemistry.

4.    Uses of soaps
Soaps are the chemicals that we have been using for a very long time. The emulsifiers are the other name of the solvents and the detergents. They surround grime and dirt to clean the clothes as well as our bodies. They interact with the oil and the grease and act as cleaners. Also, you can do some mixing and matching of the ashes and the animal fat. It will form crude oil.

5.    Your sunscreen is also chemistry user
We apply sunscreen to protect our self from the harmful UV rays in the warm weather. Have you ever wondered about the functioning of the sunscreen? How does it happen? How is it possible for the cream to shield us from the deadly disease of skin cancer? Yeah, the answer is the perfect mixing and the reaction of the chemicals which result in saving us. If you want to know about the solution in detail, read about it over the internet.

6.    Medicines, the drugs are nothing but chemistry-
Every time you fall sick, every time you visit the “chemist” it is like you are asking for a combination of chemicals.

7.    The clothes you wear- The splendid dresses, their colours which you put on for the prom night to get the desired look is the outcome of the azo dye and the other organic compounds.

8.    Baking Powder and Baking Soda- The cake you bake for your siblings’ birthday while adding these two ingredients also includes. The bounciness and the puffiness make the cake,and even the other food items which use baking powder and baking soda for the cooking process are the result of chemicals. Chemistry makes you understand the difference between the non-interchangeable ingredients.

9.    You cry while cutting onions, why?
Here, chemistry is the culprit. Know here why and how. You are all set with the recipe of your special dinner. But when you have the thought of cutting and chopping strike your mind, you start seeing a down in the mouth. They seem very harmless lying on the counter of your kitchen, but the reality is something different. The burning sensation in your eyes is the result of the enzymes present in the onions mix with the sulfonic acid and produces propane thiol S-oxide. The gas then reacts with the water in our eyes resulting in the formation of sulfuric acid. This has added irritants in our eyes, so the acid burns and stimulates the eyes to wash away the excessive chemical from the eyes.

Tip- You can save your eyes from experiencing the burning sensation the next time you cut onion. Yes, just put it in the refrigerator before cutting it. It will slow down the chemical reactions resulting in the modifications in the chemistry of the vegetable.

10.    Floating ice is also an example of chemistry in daily life-
Have you ever imagined the world with the fact that ice sinks? No, don’t even do it. It is hazardous. It is because all the lakes would freeze from the bottom resulting in the lack of water for daily use. Water behaves indifferently from the other substances. It never sinks when it freezes. You will get the answer to this question in chemistry only.

11.    Gelatin and fruits-
Pineapple and the other examples of fruits which we eat are examples of the eatable polymers. Jell-O is one of the components of them. The polymers see their formation with the help of some natural chemicals.

12.    Why food goes bad in summers-
The reason is the chemical reactions which take place in the food in the warm weather conditions. In these situations, the fat components in the food become rancid, and the harmful bacteria which grow in them would make you sick. Even the bottled and packaged food goes bad.

Are you clear now with the examples of the chemistry in the daily life?

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