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How to build a team for the project?

Home Articles How to build a team for the project?

Team is a group of people working together and collaboratively to achieve a certain common goal. A group of people requires a complete set of complementary skills to complete a task, job or project. The characteristics of a team are as follows:
• Members of the team perform their functions with high degree of independence.
• All the members share the authority and responsibilities to improve efficiency by self-management.
• Members of the team are accountable for the common objective through collective performance.
• A team enjoys the shared rewards.
• A team has mutual commitment which creates synergy in the operations of all its performance.

Team building is the process of performing various different activities collaboratively to enhance social relations and define roles of all members of the team. The effective team building requires:
• Aligning the common goals of a team.
• Fix the effective working relationships to contribute to the purpose of existence of the team.
• The team leader must reduce role ambiguity of all the team members.
• The team must collectively find the solutions to the problems faced by the them.

Process of Team Building
To build an efficient team, members have to go through five stages of the team building. Which are as follows:

Forming is the first stage, when a team meets first time. Members do not know about one another and introduce themselves. They share the information regarding their background, interests, experience etc. They even discuss about the work they will undertake and the desired goals and objectives of the team building. This is the planning face and find different ways of work they will do together.
As, it is initial stage of team building, it is essential for the team leader to be clear about the goals of the formation of the team to provide clear directions to the members involved in the project. The team leader must involve all the members while deciding their roles and responsibilities to ensure high dedication and motivation of members towards success of the project.

In this stage, all the members compete for the status and for acceptance of their ideas related to the project implementation. Every member has different opinions and experiences related to the idea. The different opinions cause conflicts; it is the responsibility of the team leader to solve the problems faced by them. It is very difficult stage for those who does not like conflicts.
A team leader must listen the point of view of all the members and respect their differences and ideas. This practice will balance the behavior of different members of the team. This stage of team formation is very crucial sometimes, a team could not recover out of conflicts and make the project unable to be achieved.

Norming is the stage in which members of the team start to work collaboratively. Now, they are not working as individual rather focus on the goals and objectives of the team. Members of the team value the differences among them. The rules of the team have been formulated at this stage and they share the information to resolve the conflict with the use of various tools and measures. After this team members start trusting one another and working collaboratively.

In this stage, all the members of the team work with full dedication to achieve the overall aims as a group. The team is highly motivated to get the desired results by taking efficient decisions and solve all the conflicts and problems effectively. The decision taking and problem solving is not the responsibility of team leader at this stage, team members work on every perspective effectively and leader just supervise the activities and achievement of milestone of activities performed.

At adjourning stage, project undertaken by the team comes to an end and team members are dispersing off into different directions. It is the time for celebrating success of the project and make the best relations for future. Every member of team say goodbye to one another and wish good luck for the next endeavor they will pursue.  It is likely projected that the team reached this stage will be in touch in future and contribute towards success of each other.

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