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How to Cultivate the Habit of Reading in Your Daily Routine

Home Articles How to Cultivate the Habit of Reading in Your Daily Routine

A good book can provide you with an unbelievable experience. It teaches you about things beyond your daily horizons connects you with the brightest minds and can create characters so real that you seem to know them. In the past, access to information was accessible to very few people. At the time, the clergy and the Church sheltered books like gold. Currently, access to information is unlimited. Most of us have the privilege of reading the books we want, even for free.

How many books do you think you have read so far? How many books do you think you can read throughout your life? Let's do the calculation: Life expectancy is 80 years (more if you're lucky). Suppose you start reading (by habit) at age 20. If you read one book per week you will be reading approximately 2880 books. If instead, you read 100 books a year, you would be able to read 5000 books in your entire life. Imagine how many incredible stories and valuable information you can discover. Imagine everything you are missing simply because you do NOT have the habit of reading.

I mean what about all those fantastic adventures and beautiful romances? What about all the battles, heroes and villains of the past that you've never heard of? What about all the fascinating things about the world that you still do not know?

Start to read and forming the habit is very easy and fun. All you have to do is follow the steps below.


Classical literature is beautiful but, at first, it can be difficult to read. I advise you to choose a simple book. Even some for children or young people are fun. One way to choose a book is to think about the type of movies you like to watch. Maybe you lean more for suspense or maybe for romance and prefer a love novel. The possibilities are endless. Research the best sellers or the most famous authors. You can also ask for help at the library or ask a friend.


Reserve a moment of the day in which you will be reading. For example: Before going to bed, on the way to school or work, after your daily activities, etc. I recommend that you write it in your agenda, in this way you give it the importance it deserves and it also helps you organize yourself better so as not to fail.

Includes a reminder to not forget to read. It can be a note on your bedside table, an alarm on the mobile, or simply put the book in a visible place.


If you are starting with the habit of reading, 2 minutes are perfect to start. The goal is to start with short goals that are easy. You can also measure your progress by counting the sheets you read. The point is to be realistic and dedicate as much time as you can. The best part of reading is that reading for itself is a great reward.


The best part of starting a habit is to see how much you have advanced over time. Another option is to register on an incredible website called Good Reads. Here you can see the book reviews, find new authors and register the books you've read and even leave your opinion about it.

With these extra tips you can cultivate the habit of reading without excuses right now:

  • Reading is not a duty, it is a moment to enjoy.
  • Stop seeing books as boring. Give yourself the opportunity to read just for fun (like watching a movie).
  • Take away any distractions while reading.
  • Try to focus on reading (even for 2 minutes). Remove any distractions (mobile, TV, computer) and find a space inside or outside the house that relaxes you.
  • It is worth changing the book if it is boring.
  • You are reading because it is fun. So if a book just makes you lazy, change it. But before giving up, give that book at least one more chapter of opportunity.
  • Do not worry about the speed. When you eat something tasty you chew it mouthful by mouthful slowly. The same goes for books: read just for the pleasure of doing it and take all your time to finish it (no pauses but no rush).
  • Remember that the number of books you have read does not matter, is not a competition.
  • Choose a place that you like and where you can relax completely. Take off your shoes and put on comfortable clothes. It is also a good idea to include a refreshing drink or a warm tea during that time.
    If you read while travelling or waiting somewhere, sit in a comfortable position and where there is light.
    Tell your friends or family what the book you are reading is about. It's a way to motivate yourself not to stop doing it. Another idea is to share in a social network the books you have read or are reading. I use this page here.
    While you are on your way to work or while waiting in the boring bank row you can read. Take advantage of those dead minutes to advance the pages of your favourite book.

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