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How to Develop High-Performing and Sustainable Teams

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An organisation is made up of different teams working in the same direction with one goal in mind, and that is the success of the company. The main agenda of any business is to generate revenues and increase the profitability. In the age, if fierce competition at the global level, the organisations have to rely on the effectiveness of their teams. The concept of high-performance teams has gained popularity these days because it is essential to have coherent and sustainable groups to gain a competitive advantage in the market. It is the collective effort of the teams which make a confident organisation leader in its field. Therefore the management officials should give proper emphasis to building high-performance teams which can take them to the peak of the success.


The main feature of the high-performance team is that it consists of dedicated people with complementary skill sets and having a common goal. What separates the high-performance teams from the average teams is that they always produce the best results by collaborating with each other. The environment for working is highly conducive and progressive. In the high-performance teams the processes are designed to support each other in every possible way, and therefore the members remain in a tight-knit working culture so that they can achieve the targets in the most efficient way.

Any team can become a high-performance team by providing sustainable results time and again. It’s just that the managers who lead their team have to take the right decisions and become a role model for their teams. The following techniques help the managers form and sustain high-performance teams:

Inspiring the team

The managers’ duty is not to manage the functions of the unit, but they also need to encourage them by setting an example for them. The teams usually imitate the behaviours of their team leader, and therefore it becomes highly critical for the leader to keep a close eye on his/her action as well as the performance also. The leaders should be able to create an environment full of energy and enthusiasm. The high energy is infectious, and when the leaders communicate their message with a passion, then the team members feel motivated and inspired. This inspired workforce is the primary reason behind the success of the organisations. They need to tell their team that what they are doing is very valuable and they must keep up the excellent work. Leading by example is one of the primary management functions for every organisation.

Increasing cooperation in resolving conflicts as soon as possible

Having a different point of views is a typical situation in any team. The people come from varied backgrounds and therefore having a difference of opinions is fair. The problem may arise when a small difference changes into grievances and affect the effectiveness of the team adversely. Consequently, the leaders should resolve the conflicts quickly and have to foster a cooperative environment. The team leaders should not assume that the people working in the organization are all mature and they will resolve the conflicts themselves. Instead, he/she should intervene so that the matter can be solved. But it is also essential that during such situation the leader should listen to both parties equally and then have a discussion with them jointly as well.

Communicating the vision and mission of the company repeatedly

Every organisation need to have a clear vision and purpose so that the teams can do the alignment of the goals. Therefore it becomes imperative to keep reminding the strategic objective, the vision and mission to the employees so that they never lose the track. This can also be done by changing a few things in the company policies. For example, the HR department can analyse every job and write the job description in such a way that they ultimately lead the organisation to achieve its strategic target. To create a high-performance team, the leaders need to stick to the first and keep their team entirely focused on that too. Sharing relevant information at the right time is also highly essential to keep the focus of the team intact.

Unleashing the true potential of the teammates by stretching the goals

The leaders should keep stretching the individual goals from time to time. This will help them to unleash their real potential eventually, and they will contribute to a much higher degree for their teams as well as for their organizations. By stretching the goals, the leaders give out the message that the team members are capable of doing whatever comes their way and when it is done with conviction and active communication then it becomes achievable also. When the employees start believing that they can achieve a specific target, then it becomes their reality, and they accomplish those goals also which seem unachievable at first. The leaders of high-performance teams make their team members believe that they are exceptional and can achieve extraordinary things. When the leader shows trust in their capability, they become positive about it and eventually meet their targets.

Building an environment of trust

If the employees do not trust their leader, then nothing will make a difference. One way of building trust is to provide correct insights and solutions to the problems without creating much hustle about it. The leader needs to understand the emotional and professional needs of the employees, and according to that, they should generate communication with them. Constructively expressing the point of view is also an essential part of building an environment of trust and cooperation.

Rewarding the team for collective accomplishments

The leader must reward the teams in the best possible way when they achieve high results collectively. There is no doubt that the responsibility for the failure as well as success is of the whole team and therefore when the teams achieve their targets they must be appreciated for that. This surely motivates the employees, and they tend to work even harder to achieve even higher goals.

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