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How to Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills and Be Confident on Stage

Home Articles How to Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills and Be Confident on Stage

Whether you are a college student or you are a professional working for a corporate firm, public speaking is an essential skill to master to reach the top. In your academic years, you will be assigned many assignments, and there will sometimes be when you have to present your research work in front of a panel. There are plenty of times in the working life when you have to speak on a public platform such as team meetings, conferences, group discussion phase of an interview process and many more.

For many people, public soaking comes as a nightmare. There are chances that you are the most knowledgeable person in the room, but when it comes to express your views on some topics by speaking in front of an audience, you lose your nerves. But this is not impossible to; learn to speak in public that too confidently. Whenever you have to give a presentation in a social setting, then you should keep the following tips in mind. They will help you to prepare yourself well for the final day of the performance, and you will surely do well on stage.


Whenever you get a chance to speak in public, you should always pay the first attention to the type of audience you are going to talk in front of. When you know what exactly your audience wants and how to convey your message for the maximum absorption by them, you can articulate your message according to that. You will know while also speaking that whether the people are understanding your point or not.

You should also research the needs and interests of your specific audience group. For example, if the presentation is about telling about your research study and its findings in front of experts in your field, then you will have to keep it as formal and sophisticated as you can. You have to provide all the facts and figures and explaining to them is also necessary. If you have to present the same findings in front of people who have little or no idea about your study or subject, then you have to make it entertaining, informative and participative. In this case, you will have to drop technical jargons and use simple and understandable language.


Before preparing spur speech, you should know what you want to achieve out of it. When you are clear about the goals of your speaking, you will be able to draft your presentation to accomplish that goal. This will give you a direction, and it will also help you to keep relevant data and information according to your audience.


When you do not find yourself comfortable with speaking in front of lots of people, then you should try to understand the patterns of your speaking. This will be the first step towards improving your public speaking skills. Identify what kind of filler words you use and how often you use them in regular conversation with another person. Try to eliminate them from your speech deliberately. The filler words are those sounds or small words which you use while processing your thoughts while speaking.

You should also identify your nonverbal behavioural patterns. By doing this, you will understand how do you behave when you are nervous and when you feel confident. When you know the difference in your gestures, then you can work on them as well and inculcate the habit of posing as a confident person. When you will do it quite often, your brain will get the signal that you are feeling confident and it will also reflect on your speech. You can correct your speaking patterns only when you will know about them, and therefore it is highly significant to pay close attention to them.


Research about your topic and read as much as you can. You should have at least double material from what you intend to speak about during your speech. Therefore a lot of reading will go into it. The more you will know about your subject, more confident you will feel about it. Do not keep this vital work of preparation until the last day. Start your preparations in advance and devote enough time for every section, so that by the time of actual presentation you can be ready for it.


Keep rehearsing your speech whenever you get time. The most import aspect of your speech will be your introduction, and you should practice introducing yourself and your topic several times until it starts coming naturally to you. If you open your speech confidently and interestingly, you will feel confident throughout your presentation. You can also write down the main points of your speech so that you can remember them by heart. If you practice well, then you will not have to worry about your performance on stage at all.


Take full night’s sleep so that you feel fresh on the day of your public speaking. You should decide upon your dress a day before and keep it ready for the next morning. Be relaxed and believe in yourself and you will surely excel in your presentation.

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