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How to Make a Study Plan for Approaching Exams

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Nothing can terrify the students more than an approaching examination. This is a problem which is faced by almost all students. If you give a little thought at the right time, you can nail all your exams and score good marks in them as well. It’s all about planning for your examinations. We all know that when we take a course, we have to give the tests also. The tentative time of the tests is also known to us and therefore stating early by creating an achievable study plan can work wonders for you. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when you decide to make a study plan for yourself before exams.


Do not keep everything until the last minute. If you want to score high grades in all your exams, then it is highly essential that you start studying early. By early we mean you should start your preparation well in advance. When you have enough time, then you can give proper attention to all the subjects. There will be no need of overlooking any one of the subjects and suffer from the loss of marks in that subject.


Before making a plan for studying you need to know what all material you need to cover for your exams. Every exam covers specific topics and concepts, and it is highly essential to see the component you need to study. It will also tell you which part of the syllabus is tough and needs more time. According to that, you can allow time for each topic so that you can read it correctly.


You should also make it point that you make your plan in such a way that at the end you remain with enough time to revise your already read subjects otherwise there will be no use of investing so much time if recollecting them becomes hard in the examinations. For making revision party little easy you should take notes of what you are studying. You can read them whenever you get some time and revise that part of your syllabus. This way the burden of reviewing the whole material at once will not be there, and it will help you to concentrate on your studies even more.


Scheduling your activities is a wonderful way to get the most out of your time. You must make a timetable for your studies and stick to it firmly. You should pick that time for your studies when you think you feel energetic and fresh. Some of us feel like studying in the morning, and some find it easy to concentrate on things at night. Understand your study patterns and according to that create a study plan for yourself.

You should also include appropriate breaks in your schedule so that you can refresh your body and mind. When you go back to study after a small break, you will be able to focus even better. But make it sure you also stick to the time of your breaks and come back to your study table when your break is over. You need to be disciplined to pass the examinations with flying colours.


You should not waste your time whether you have to prepare for the exams or not. Time is the most essential and renewable commodity. Once it is lost, it will lose forever, and you should always keep that in mind. Do not distract yourself with anything at the time of your studies. You should minimise the distraction deliberately.

Distractions come in many forms, and you must recognise them. The most prominent among all is the cell phone and social media. You should refrain yourself from checking your emails and social media message. You should also stay away from the video games, watching TV endlessly, gossiping over the phone etc. When you take a break from hour exam preparation, then you can for some time use these things as a mode of refreshment but keep its time-limited.


The place where you study should be neat and clean. It is well known that our productivity increases when we work in an open and calm environment. To avoid strain in the eyes, you should pick a place where there is an ample amount of natural light. In the night you should use study lamps so that your eyes do not take the toll of your continuous studying. You should also keep your room well ventilated as adequate oxygen supply always helps us to focus better. Try to keep all the distractions out of your study room while studying such as your phone and gaming gadgets etc.


According to an old proverb, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore it is highly essential to pay attention to your healthy wellbeing near your exams. You should eat healthy food and take proper rest also. Do not over exhaust your body and mind while studying. Exercising regularly also increase the fitness of the body and it also helps to improve the concentration span. If you are ill near your exams, then it will be very harmful to your studies, therefore, take the precautions to keep yourself fit and active when the exams approach.

The best way to get the maximum outcome from your study schooled is to follow it religiously. You must study every day so that the worry of covering the whole syllabus in a little time before the exams does not bother you. Follow these points and prepare confidently for them.

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