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How to Prepare Research Paper in IEEE Format?

Home Articles How to Prepare Research Paper in IEEE Format?

IEEE is a short form used for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is a renowned firm headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, United States of America. It is known for developing standards for the computer and electronics industry and is world’s largest technical membership association that has members across 160 countries.   

IEEE format is widely accepted for righting research papers, usually used for technical fields, especially in computer science field. A research paper is document which supports one’s thesis. It provides evidence for the theory that the author is presenting through and in his or her thesis.

While writing a research paper search for the IEEE format and make your research paper accordingly. IEEE format consist of structure that includes title, abstract, keywords, introduction, methodology, results, discussions, findings, conclusion and references. We will discuss these points one at a time.

1. Title – Title should be effective and catch the reader’s attention. You must know the difference of a good title and a bad title. Title should describe your content in precise manner. Avoid using jargons and slang. Research paper must be highly professional.

2. Abstract – In the abstract, you must explain what you did? And why are you doing, how will it be useful? And explain why it will be useful? Word limit should not be extending beyond 250 words. Write the content in past tense only. Abstract is basically a summary of your research so it should be prepared in the end that sum’s up your work and give an idea to the reader what your entire document is about.

3. Keywords – Keywords are used in the title and abstract, which help in search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords should be relevant, logical, appropriate, applicable, specific, searchable. If your keyword has all these qualities, then your research paper will have maximum chances to be searched easily and serve the needs of those who are interested in it.

4. Introduction – Introduction should explain your research briefly. Give an idea to the reader about your research and make it interesting so that the readers read it till the end. Introduction should not be vague and/ or too long. It should not exceed more than two pages.

5. Methodology – Methodology is a model, which is used by project managers to describe the method used by them for their project. Methodology is like a framework. It states which framework is used by the writer. It defines the techniques, procedures, rules and practices used. Example of methodologies are qualitative methodology, quantitative methodology and mixed methodology.

6. Results/ Discussions/ Findings – Discuss the result you have find out, which should be clear and concise. Use some tables or figures in order to illustrate your findings or results. Discuss your findings and also acknowledge any limitations. Doubts of the readers should be cleared with your research paper.

7. Conclusion – In the conclusion, sum up your topic. Relate it the problem you stated in the introduction. Explore the key points in your research once again. Suggest future areas of the research. If any further research is needed, lay emphasis on why further research should be done. Provide the benefits of the solutions presented by you in the research paper and also don’t forget to talk about the shortcomings of your solution.

8. References – References are provided to support the content used in your paper. References help in checking whether or not your content is reliable. You can use any number of references as does not have a limit. But do not use all, use only the references that helps weighing your work directly. Make sure, you write accurate author attribution. Do not forget to mention author’s name, article title and all such related terms like page number, which volume it is? its publication and publisher’s information, etc.

It must use the right font size and font style. Times new roman (or any similar font) is generally used in IEEE and 12 – point interlacing is used in the two column format. Also the entire text in the document should be justified. Normal text is to be single – spaced in 10 – points. Before submitting the final paper, recheck it thoroughly. Leave no space for any spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, formatting mistakes and do not use fancy fonts or underline significant words. You can simply highlight or use italic only if needed.

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