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How to Prepare Research Proposal and Plan?

Home Articles How to Prepare Research Proposal and Plan?

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Project Area: This is the main section of the report in which the area or field of the project should be written.

Type of the project: In this section, the type of the project should be written which may involve practical or review based project.

Technology: The student has to choose a technology, which is utilized within the area of the project. In this, the student must focus only singe technology. For example: IoT (Internet of Things), Mixed Reality (MR), cloud computing, mobile computing etc.

Technique: In this section, the student must select the technique, which is used for the selected technology within the area of the particular project. Example: Visualization techniques, analysis techniques etc.

Domain: The student must identify the domain where the selected technology will be utilized. The student must be very specific regarding where the selected technology can be utilized.

Project Name: This is the main section of the report in which the student has to come up with the title of the proposal. This title should reflect three main things such as technology, technique and domain.

Keywords: Keywords are the short phrases or words, which reflect the particular topic of the proposal. The keywords or the words used for them should be utilized frequently in the proposal. For example: student is working on the security of IoT then the keywords can be IoT, Internet of Things, IoT security, Security of IoT etc.

Introduction: This is the major part of the proposal involving very important details such as background information, issues and different current solutions, which can be used for the elimination of all the issues related to the technology.

Limitations in the existing solutions: In this section, the student must write the limitations related to the existing solutions, which are utilized for resolving the existing problems. It is helpful for setting the motivation for the research as well.

Importance of solving the issue: This is the section of the proposal in which the students require to identify the major need for the research, which may involve some essential reasons for solving the problem along with their requirement.

Main purpose and objective of this research: In this, the student must define the overall objective of the research. The objective and purpose of the research must be linked with each other.

Questions need to be answered: This section of the proposal involves the research question, which are to be answered through the research work.

Brief description about the proposal: In this section, the brief description regarding the proposal should be given.

Methodology or process of the project: In this section of the report, the research methodology should be discussed in different steps. It must define the selected technique, review students on the selected technique and also propose the taxonomy as well as some major components.

Expected Outcomes: The expected outcomes related to the particular project should be discussed in this section.

Reference list: This is the last section of project proposal and plan. In this, the student must select journal paper from CSU library. The student has to include the list of the references used for the plan. These references should be done in APA 6th version only.

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