How to Write a Journal Synopsis Paper?

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This article provides a brief outline of a journal synopsis paper which is used to provide an insight view of every work. Primarily, CSU an Australian university which is located at Victoria, Australia uses journal synopsis paper formats or methods for providing quality results in the form of assignments or journal papers to their students.

What do you mean by journal synopsis paper?

Typically, a synopsis is defined as a brief outline, summary of an article, essay or story. A synopsis is also considered in the report review. A synopsis is used in the large scale projects of major organizations.  Synopsis paper plays a crucial role as it defines each and every phase in the report effectively.  


A synopsis paper is an in-depth summary of a written work that clearly demonstrates the content of the work from start to end. It also includes a detailed overview of all phases of the work.

A synopsis can be of any type i.e. project synopsis, report synopsis and article synopsis.

Different types of Journal synopsis paper.

Thus, a synopsis is a very crucial part of every sector.  There are three types of synopsis paper are as follows-  

Project synopsis-  A project synopsis is one of the major parts of every project. However, a synopsis is used by most of the software development organizations as it provides an insight view of project related activities. Project synopsis provides overall project activities i.e. purpose, aim and scope and methodologies used.  Project synopsis also considered some crucial project phases information. At last, project synopsis gives a panoramic view of the project phases.

Report synopsis-  Nowadays, synopsis paper becomes an integral part of every project or working material. basically, a report synopsis provides a clear summary of the report. It also involves scenarios through which work is to be done of a given process. Typically, report synopsis is of any kind such as business report synopsis which demonstrates each and every business process.

Research synopsis-  A research synopsis is the overall plan of the research project and it includes various research-related activities such as research objectives and scope. Also research formats and questionnaire, a methodology which provides a summary of the research project.

Steps to Write a journal synopsis paper.

Thus, the journal synopsis paper is very helpful for providing a better view of the given tasks.  Following steps are included while writing journal synopsis paper-

  1. Choosing an appropriate research topic (what).

It involves two major sections such as approach and title framing.

Approach- the major step under synopsis writing is the approach of choosing a relevant topic for the project. Perhaps it is considered as the most difficult part of writing synopsis

Title framing-  Title framing is one of the crucial steps under synopsis writing. Framing up the project title means title should summarise the project topic information.

  1. Describe the aims and objectives of the project

Synopsis paper describes the goals of the project or project topic. It should describe each and every focus area of the project.

  1. Outline important resources and methods

After describing the overall project objectives briefly then the next step is followed under synopsis paper writing is to outline important resources and materials through which data is gathered. It must include inclusion and exclusion criteria in a well-defined manner.