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The significance of writing has reached the sky limits. The era has changed, now the students have to think of many other activities to score high in their academics. The task which has overpowered the scorecard is the essay. The students have to submit a compelling piece without any error. But writing an article is not a cakewalk. You must be an owner of the skill set which you can utilise to present them out of the ordinary content which stands out of the crowd. Yes, the fierce competition which has changed the situation and the educational standards have made the complications for the students higher and intense. Now, the essays and the other academic writing task evaluates more than half of the total marks. Yeah, you can’t even dream of skipping the task. The students who have a positive as well as far-sighted approach regarding their career, have to give a try and yes a robust try to their essay writing work. If you too fall into the same category, then this article will help you in getting to know the tips and tricks of writing an essay. Let us begin the discussing them.

  1. Think before you write- It is a main problem with the students. They don’t think before beginning the writing work. The students, in that case, suffer from low grades. But, you can save yourself from this situation. The thing is that, go for brainstorming the idea and the topic you have chosen. Do not skip this and examine what you can write in it.
  1. Think about the resources- What matters the most is the resources. You must have the ability to decide whether is reliable. Yes, it matters the most. You cannot just write anything from any source. Your data must be authentic and integrated.
  1. The title is the key- The title must be eye-catchy. Spend a day or two thinking of it. Don’t rush and give time to it. If you are doing it for the first time, don’t fret. You can do. If you want, don’t afraid of getting help from the experts. You can ask your friend or your college senior for assisting you with the formation of the title.
  1. Beginning of the essay- Write the thesis statement of the essay. It must include the main essence of the essay. Write what you are going to write in the entire content. The line must be pertinent and must not contain anything irrelevant. Tip- You can take more time in writing it than you take to write the complete content of the essay.
  1. Introduction to the essay- The introductory paragraph of the essay holds high significance. You can hold the attention of the readers by writing engaging content. It does not matter whether the number of words of the introductory is 100 or 50, they have to be the best one.
  1. The body of the essay- As now we are done with the title, and the introduction of the essay, it is the time where we would begin writing it. Make sure you have outlined the essay before jumping to the work of writing the body of it. Yes, it helps you in writing the content. You have to fill the headings which you have written while researching the data and examining it. Write at least three paragraphs in the body of the essay. Make balanced arguments.
  1. Conclusion- Writing the conclusion is also as important as the other sections of the essay. Many students don’t give much time in writing it and try to wrap it up in a hurry. Make sure you don’t commit the same mistake. Doing this can cut many marks. All your efforts which you have put to get the best content on the sheet may go in vain. So, write it with efficiency.
  1. Citations- Never forget writing these. You need to refer the sources which you have used while writing the essay. Include the bibliography and the references and make your essay a complete package.

Follow these eight tips and present a high-quality essay at your college.

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