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How to Write an Introduction for Your Essay

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The opening of any academic writing is one of the essential aspects to make it engaging. The introduction of your essay has two significant functions, and that is to attract the attention of the readers and to compel them to read the whole writing piece. The good introduction helps the readers to understand the topic of the study, and it also forces them to read the entire essay. When you start your writing with a strong introductory paragraph, then you give your readers a reason to continue reading your work until the end. Here are some useful tips to create an excellent introduction to your literary work.


Understandings the audience for which you are writing your essay is highly essential if you want to produce an excellent piece of wire. You should write it by keeping the perspective your readers in mind. Then you will be able to formulate it according to their interest, and they will surely dive in after reading your first few lines. You can only write according to the taste of your audience if you know them well. Therefore you must do little research if needed and try to understand preferences of your readers.

For example, you want to address a broader reader base then you should keep your essay as simple as possible. And if you have to present your essay in front of a panel of the examining authorities of your college or university, then you must make it more sophisticated and technical.


You can also start your essay with some thought-provoking questions where you are sure that you will get a nod from your readers while reading it. This practice is especially useful while writing a persuasive or opinion essay. Make sure you ask relevant questions with which the people can connect themselves with the whole theme of study.


Make your introduction attractive but avert ornamental language for doing so. Ornamental words include over complicated technical jargons, overused cliché and phrases, and lengthy sentences. They will not help your essay instead make your readers drift apart from it. This is because these jargons tend to slow down the reading speed and the brain has to think and make their connection with the sentence. By using such intricate and incomprehensible language, you will also send an image of a lazy and unoriginal person. Use short and clear phrases to make your point. You should always keep the language simple and easily understandable. This will help you to keep your readers with your writing until the end.


The introduction can include the background of your paper, and you can do it with the help of relevant points to understand the main argument of your research. But do not make it very long as your introduction itself should be short and crisp.


The introduction is the best place to give the first glance about the purpose of your research. You can also include key terms you have used in the main body of the essay so that when they will reach there will be able to make a connection with those concepts. If you are discussing a scientific topic in the introduction, then you can also include the definitions also. This is also applicable in case of legal and political essays swell.


Think about your introductions as the welcoming paragraph of your essay. Therefore, if you will follow the points distinctly, it will be helpful to draw the attention of your readers. Do not make the introductory part too general that the readers cannot draw out any inference from it. You can also describe in the introduction that how will you prove your argument in the essays.


You can take help by reading brilliant essays written by other writers, This way you will understand how you should write and present your introduction or the whole essay for that matter. If you have to write an essay for academic submission, then you can also ask your teachers to provide you with some examples of where you can take some help. You will even get an ample amount of information and scholarly essays on the internet or your college library. You must do a little research on your topic. This investigative study will not only help you to gather data, but it will also introduce to different perspectives of people on the similar problem.


Many writers write the introductory part in the beginning, but by doing this, there are possibilities to skip out some vital information shared in the essays. Therefore preferably you should write the introduction at the end when you finish writing your paper. By adopting this technique, you will not miss any essential definition or point to be included in the opening paragraph of your papers.

Follow these tips and give an adequate introduction structure to your essay, and make it engaging.

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