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What is ICT?

ICT is an abbreviated form of information and communication technology and is defined as a set of resources that are used to create store, process and manage information. Moreover, communication technology is used to establish communication with other entity in a network.  most of the organizations adopting ICT in order to enhance their operational and business strategies. Organizations may concern towards new technologies that support their business operations. In addition to this, information system and information technology create an opportunity for business organizations to improve their efficiency in the competitive market.  Many of the organizations using ICT systems where organization completes their number of tasks efficient at reduced cost.  With the help of ICT organization process large amount of information in order to analyze the customer behavior so that organizations can fulfill their requirement in order to attain the attention of customers in the market. The organization can enhance its reputational as well as business performance in the market with the adoption of ICT.

Types of ICT systems

There are three types of ICT systems namely- information system, control systems, and communication systems.

Information systems- Most of the IT organizations use information systems for the management of data and information. The information regarding projects, internal and external stakeholders are managed by information systems of the organization. Moreover, IT organizations also increase their functional ability by improving their operational strategies with the help of ICT. 

Control systems- These ICT systems are used in the organization to control the working of machines especially in manufacturing industries. With the use of control systems, the risk of failure of machine reduces and machine works according to their operational capabilities.

Communication systems- These ICT systems are used in all organizations as communication is one of the media through which organizations enhance their business operational strategies. Through communication systems organization can effectively promote their products and services. In addition to this, with the use of ICT organizations can increase the performance level by fulfilling the requirement of the customer which results in customer satisfaction. Communication systems increase the sales of the organization which leads to increase in revenue and profits.

ICT for communication purpose

ICT allow communication to take place quickly. There are various digital communication technologies that are used for communication purpose namely Faxes, mobile phones, email, internet etc. With the use of FAX, organizations can text and send pictures from one place to another immediately. Whereas mobile phones are used for verbal communications, as many of the organization use mobile phone in order to promote the value of products and services that they are providing. Along with this, many of the organizations use e-mail for commination purpose as through, email organizations can create awareness about the products and services that they are providing. Basically, communication technologies are used for marketing purpose as organizations can promote the value of product by carrying out market research more quickly. Moreover, with the use of ICT, organizations collect information about competitor’s price easily through which they can establish strategies for the development purpose.

Usage of robots

Approximately about 94% of robots are found in logistic based factories this is the reason that these robots are referred as industrial robots. Robots are slowly finding their way into warehouses, laboratories, research and exploration sites, energy plants, hospitals, and even outer space. Therefore, it is clear that ICT is used in every sector as it helps the organization to achieve a competitive edge by providing quality of services to the customer.