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Identification of Training Needs of Organisation

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Training is quite important for the success of the organisation. It is also a part of the role and responsibility of the HR managers. Freshly appointed employees need proper training so that they can get comfortable with the working conditions of the organisation. For increasing the productivity of the employees, it is essential to identify the needs and requirements of the training to the employees. There are certain factors that affect the employees’ job performance, and that can be improved with the training of the employees. The level of training decides the efficiency and the level of the performance and also for the satisfaction of the employees.

The level of training would bring the impactful results in the performance and the productivity of the organisation. Making a checklist would also help you to address the requirements of the employees and the organisations.


  • Needs related to the job

These are the needs that are directly related to the job being a part of the company. The HR team has to look for these types of needs to analyse the jobs of the individual and train them as per the requirement. It will help to increase the output of the employee and the organisation.

  • Needs related to the industry

Training problems differ from industry to industry. The employee should have proper training regarding the industry so that they can know every aspect of the industry. The employee should know that if their company is in the manufacturing of something, then what are the segments they are manufacturing or which are the areas they are targeting. Thus, it becomes quite essential to make the people aware of the industry they are working in.

  • Needs related to the task

There are certain tasks a company has to perform. But the employee has to be fully equipped with the training of their job so that they can perform the task assigned to them. There is a regular update on all the jobs. Thus, the HR team has to share something on a regular basis. It can be a vast area of training or a small area, but it is a never-ending process that will continue until one is working.

  • Analyse the performance

Rather than thinking of the organisation as a whole, the HR has to analyse the sectors for the better evaluation. You need to examine the whole departments to know what are the elements that are not there in the organisation and to analyse the things that are not up to the mark or below the standard of the company. After some time, the organisation needs to be refreshed for the improvement of the training. And the identification of the main areas would help you to know where to put the emphasis largely. You will get to know what areas need the maximum time.

  • Having comparison to others

If you want to know more about your organisation, you can also compare it with the one that is likely to be similar to you. Thus, you need to take out the outcomes from that organisation’s comparison. It will help you to know what is lacking in your company and what is better than the others. So you can decide which areas need training and which areas need to be changed. It can also bring you to change the complete policies and implementing complete new technology used in the organisation. With the advancement of technology, there is always a need for the training to make the employees well versed so that they can be comfortable while working in the organisation.

  • Assessment of the performance of individual

There are not always groups working on particular tasks or projects in the organisation. Some of the major responsibilities are assigned to the individuals or the small groups also. Thus, it becomes essential to measure the performance of the individual and to know their strength and weaknesses. After determining the required areas, training has to be implemented to improve the productivity and the performance of the employees. If the training is specific, it will bring out better results.

  • Industry consideration

Before getting the new job, every individual needs training after their selection in the interview, and it might be the requirement of the law. But it depends on which industry you are working. You need to take care that the employees of the organisation are completely familiar with the trends and standards of your industry. If they are not, you need to provide them with a wider view of the situation and the working of the organisation.

  • As per the roles

Training is always according to the role of the organisation. The HR manager has to implement the training according to the role of the employees in the organisation. For instance, if there is a marketing person, he would need training in marketing only. The manager cannot expect the employees to work perfectly without providing them with the training in their respective field. There are certain roles in every organisation, and different people are appointed for different roles.

Thus, to make all of them work perfectly as per their roles, one needs to provide them with the training of their job role in the organisation. The assessment of the training is on the individual basis only. There are group assessments also, but the individual training is most important. If there is group training, it can be the possibility that one or other might leave something important or be missed.

  • Training of the requirement of the job

Some tasks are from routine, and the employees have to work on it. There are important parts that are required to update time to time. Especially, if we talk about IT, there are updates and modifications required after every small interval of the time. The employees must have comfortable and open communication so that they can easily let the managers know about the issues and the problems they are facing. It helps them to get rid of all the misunderstandings.

Thus, no matter in which industry, company or area you are working in, there will also be a need for the training, and as an HR you have to recognise that need of the individuals and make them well-versed in their field.

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