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Impacts of IT on Individuals, Communities and Society

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Information technology can be described as a technology which is used to store, modify, create or distribute the information among others. In this technology, types of data do not affect much, this mechanism is capable to process all kind of data in an effective and well-structured manner. If an information system has been developed by considering all the requirements of the business processes, then it can definitely save lots of time and efforts of individuals. Also, the chances of human error will get reduced on a certain level. Nowadays, everyone knows that its applications are wide-ranging from simple addition, subtraction to flying aircraft through autopilot or controlling a spaceship which has landed on Mars from the earth ground. In order to store huge amount of data which are generated with the information system, electronic databases are being used. These databases can effectively be managed and accessed with the help of internet. Information technology has its great impacts on individuals, community, and society.   These impacts are discussed below in detail:

Impacts of Information Technology on Society

  • With the advancement in the field of information technology during the last three decades, the computer and network industry has reached an unprecedented height. With these immense developments of the technology, it has been easy for society to learn different things in a more interactive manner.
  • Multimedia technology and internet networks have opened the opportunities of distance learning and one can easily communicate with teachers and other mates with improved standards of learning.
  • With the help of information technology, people are able to work on jobs from being thousands of miles away. Along with these, small firms are able to sell and buy the products while being from different locations.
  • Development in the field of electronic commerce has made it a very convenient way to make the payment transaction via internet while sitting into the house.
  • Nowadays, it the immense improvements in the technology people are able to attend business meetings without having to be there physical (e.g. one could use a device-projecting image from glasses directly onto the lens of human’s eye) which allow people to disregard their surroundings.
  • In the healthcare sector, with the help of information technology treating untreatable disease like cancer would be much easier as the structure of DNA could be defined the accurately to guide the doctors about the kind the of cell-based treatment which is required for a particular patient.

Impacts of Information technology on Individuals

  • With the help of information technology, individuals are able to work from their home, which reduces or fully eliminates the time and expense related to travel. One can effectively manage or handle the office workload from anywhere.
  • Somehow, it will also improve the health of the person if they will be able to reduce the stress which is made between work responsibilities and family. With these people can get some more time to spend with their families.
  • If one is capable to work from home with the help of information technology he does not have to go office and he would be able to get outside of the office politics.
  • Individuals will not have to keep the business records manually, information technology allows individuals to store and maintain the records in an effective and well-structured manner (Bosamia, 2013).
  • Many people feel a loss of identity, a dehumanization due to the use of computerization.  Extra involvement with computers increases the changes of anxiety attacks in a human They usually don’t feel like a human. Human elements within humans get affected with the high use of information technology.
  • With the advancement in information technology, most of the organizations are adopting automated machines instead of recruiting human beings, it affects the employment of individuals.

Impacts on Information Technology on Communities

  • Information technology advancement in the field of agriculture allows farmers to increase field productivity within a short period of times and fewer With the help of government medium-sized farmers are able to manage to acquire the watering, sowing, ploughing, and harvesting machine. With the use of that, they can save their money, time, and efforts.
  • Transportation facilities have also been advanced with the involvement of information technology into the transportation transportation provide mobility for people as well as the goods. transportation can be viewed as a system. It is basically a series of parts which are interrelated with each other (Deb, 2017). All these part works together with the help of information technology to meet with certain goals.
  • This technology has also improved the way we communicate with others. Communication is being used for many purposes. Almost every community and individuals are dependent on communication to share the information with each other. With the advancement in the field of information technology, people are using technology to communicate with people (Lee & Chavannes, 2016). There are a number of electronic media are present such as Television, mobile phones, radio etc.


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