Importance of Communication at The Workplace

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Communication is the process of transferring information or message from one person or group of persons to others at different places. It requires at least one sender, one receiver and a mode of the channel through which the message will be conveyed. The process of communication transfers ideas, information, views, facts, and feelings.

Communication at the workplace is the process of exchanging verbal and non- verbal message within an organization. the organization is the group of people working together in order to achieve a common goal. To improve the effectiveness and productivity of the company an effective model of communication is required by the company. unless inappropriate communication will create confusions, wastages, friction between employees and reduced productivity.

The effective communication model is necessary for the company even for managing the diversity at the workplace. People working in an organization may belong to a different background.  Diversity enriches an organization but at the same time, it creates a barrier for the proper functioning of an organization. thus, the model used must be simple, clear and understandable to all.

Upward communication is the type of model, in which a message is transmitted from a lower level to an upper level of an organization. the purpose of the message may be to request for information, opinion, and actions. To perform effective communication, the channels used are written, face to face and over the telephone. The management of the company uses such information for decision making.

Downward communication is the model in which the information and message are transmitted from a higher level to the lower level of an organization. the success of an organization if the higher level of an organization maintains the transparency of information. The tone used to convey the message must be respectful and ensure that employees clearly understand the information conveyed. The biggest source of misunderstanding or inefficiency of communication is the difference in experience, level of knowledge, authority, and status.

Innovative communication tools used in the workplace are as follows:

Social intranet software

The Social intranet software of the company is the central portal of the company from where all the members of an organization can access the information, documents and contracts. Every organization has to adopt some transitions in the time of downfall. The software will also reduce the maintenance cost of the IT department of the company and provide flexibility. All the employees can access the data to perform their activity which will actually improve the productivity of the company. the benefits of using this technology are as follows:

  • All the members of an organization will get the news and any announcement directly in their registered ID’s or portals on the software.
  • It will reduce the information breakdown between employees and different departments of the company.
  • It will remove the barrier of missing data or documents because everything will be recorded in the database of the software.
  • It will help in the orientation of new employees and interns with standardized policy.
  • It will reduce paperwork.

Private, group and Chat tools

The messaging or chatting tool will help all the members of the company to collaborate with each other and perform their functions with high coordination and co-operation. The common space brings the teams together and improves the effectiveness and reporting of the company. This is essential for an organization whose employees has been spread across different geographical locations. An organization can also use the public spaces like a Facebook group which is used for the intranet chat services.  

Cases, issue tracking and ticketing software

Issue tracking software is the best internal communication model through which a customer or employee can submit a query or issue which will be assigned to the right employee and solve it efficiently. This software helps an organization to centralize the customer support queries, track the process of issue resolution and productivity. It also records the feedback of customers and employees to improve products and services.

Internal blogs and videos: The human brain grabs more information through visuals rather than words. The quality of the content will define the factors that whether employees of an organization are engaged or not. To increase the engagement and retention rate of the employees, companies use training videos, video messages, behind the scene footage and post it on the intranet of the company.

Discussion Forums

Sharing information at the workplace of the company is very essential and discussion forum brings all the members together to discuss a particular topic and take decisions related to it. The importance of Discussion Forums at the workplace are as follows:

  • Questions of the employees will get answered.
  • The management will assign the responsibility to a certain member of the management to solve the queries.
  • It removes the lack of information sharing in an organization.

The common space of discussion forum will disseminate knowledge to all the employees and bring everyone closer.