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Importance of Requirement Report in Project Management

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What is a requirement report?

Requirement repost is required or created to analyze the existing system in order to identify its necessary components. Thus, the requirement report is designed in order to understand how existing systems work and what are the potential functional and non-functional requirements of the existing system so that the new system will be developed by considering the basic requirement of the existing system. the project manager use requirement report to gain a better understanding of the existing system. in addition, this project manager use requirement report in the planning phase of SDLC in order to analyze the key requirement of the new system. the main areas included in requirement reports are- time frame, sub-project, participants, information technology, information, and needs of users. Moreover, requirement report is also used by the developer to design requirements prototypes so that the development team proper understand the functional behavior of the existing system and develops a new system that properly meets the customer’s requirements. Basically, requirement prototype is a kind of physical working model that is built to replicate the functionality of the existing system. Professors of Charles Sturt University (CSU) also teach their students about the importance of requirement report in project management.

Explain the key areas of requirement report briefly-

Timeframe- Time frame is the total time in which the project development process takes place. The timeframe is designed according to a time management plan which is prepared or designed by the project manager and business analyst. It is quite an important factor to complete the project within the approved budget and timeframe.

Participants- In participants, the key stakeholders are identified those are directly affected with the project. Basically, there are two types of stakeholders namely internal stakeholders and external stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders are those stakeholders that are involved in the project development activities within an organization and external stakeholders are those stakeholders those are using the project in order to achieve a particular task.

Internal stakeholders involve-

  • Project manager- He is responsible to define the project scope along with that he also analyzes the feasibility of the project in order to evaluate whether the assigned project is feasible or not. In addition to this, the project manager is also responsible for the creation of various project management plan such as time management plan, resource management plan, budget management plan, quality management plan, etc.
  • Business analyst- He gathers all functional and non-functional requirement of project and document all requirement into SRS document so that the main functionality 0f project should be clear to the development team.
  • Developer- He designs a code for each module according to desire functional behavior. He is responsible for toss design the conceptual and physical prototype of the project so that the actual objective of the project will get clear among the stakeholders.
  • Tester- He designs test cases in order to test the functionality of developed system firstly he performs unit testing to check the functional nature of each module after performing unit testing, tester performs integration testing in order to test the overall functional behavior of developed project.
  • Database designer- He designs and creates a database for the project so that all the information gets stored in the database.
  • Information technology- In information technology, hardware and software required in the project development phase are listed.
  • Needs of users- For what purpose users use the developed project is mention in this part of the requirement report.

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