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Interesting Othello Essay Topics for Students

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What comes to your mind when you think of Othello? Yes, that is a tragedy by William Shakespeare that was believed to be written in the year 1603. The story has two main characters: Othello and Lago (fictional character). It has certain themes of racism, jealousy, love, revenge and many others and is still performed at various professional theatres.

In most of the universities, the professors assign various Othello essay topics for the students to write essays on. On the other hand, what would be a good argument essay topic for Othello, is the most common query among students. This is very well answered in the below lists.

A. Persuasive Othello Essay Topics

Do you know about persuasive writing? Take a look at some of the suggestions of the persuasive Othello essay topics.

1. How in Othello is religious symbolism described?
2. What are the ideas that have been developed by Othello about the importance of idealism in one’s life?
3. How to write a persuasive essay in order to convince how ‘Othello’ is different or similar to the character that you chose?
4. Can we say that Lago is evil?
5. Can we consider Othello responsible for his actions?

B. Compare and Contrast Othello Essay Topics

1. Is it possible to make a comparison between Batman and Othello and Joker and Lago?
2. Make a comparison between Greek and Shakespearian tragedy by using Medea and Othello?
3. Can you compare the plays ‘Othello’ and ‘Hedda Gabler’?
4. Compare and contrast any two characters from the play, ‘Othello’.
5. In spite of doing terrible things, why are Hamlet and Othello not considered as the evils?

C. Argumentative Othello Essay Topics

From the below-given choices, you can choose the best argumentative Othello essay topic for yourself in order to write an argumentative essay easily.
1. Discuss the theme ‘DISHONESTY’ in ‘Othello’.
2. What can we say about marriage theme in this particular play?
3. In what ways does envy and jealously form the actions of the characters in Othello?
4. Can we say that Othello’s pride lead to a drop? How?
5. What about Lago as a puppet master in Othello?
6. How does Othello's tragedy reflect revenge?

D. Analytical Othello’s Essay Topics

1. Find out the changes of Lago and Othello in the play ‘Othello’. Can you find which is the actual face of every character?
2. Would it be right to label Othello a tragic hero?
3. How was Emilia treated by people in ‘Othello’?
4. Consider the idea of love and jealously in ‘Othello’
5. What sort of relationship does Othello have with Cassio?
6. At what extent are males prevailing in ‘Othello’?
7. All through the text, to what extent have women shown empowerment?
8. How in ‘Othello’ are women depicted?

E. Descriptive Othello Essay Topics

From the following list, you can choose any one of the descriptive Othello essay topics.
1. Explain the nature of jealousy and how are people impacted in Othello?
2. Which one would you choose as an accurate description in Othello; ‘Noble Moor’ or ‘Villain’?
3. Describe the way in which Othello’s race impacted the unfolding drama.
4. Explain when and where was Othello first staged.
5. Describe the differences between how plays used to happen earlier in comparison to those performed today.

All the above-given suggestions will definitely help you to come out with an effective essay. If you are scared of writing a good essay, availing essay help online is all that you need. This will help you get through all the writing issues.

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