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Introduction: -

The is a software development company having two branches located in the western Sydney region. The main purpose of assessment is to design a logical addressing schema for overall network infrastructure of organization. In the first phase, the organization has no document about the existing network and asks the users to create new addressing scheme along with the logical diagram. The logical network diagram will provide the information related addressing scheme assigned to departments of the organization. In second phase, the company is expanding its operations to achieve the business and technical goals. For the second phase, a new addressing scheme will be created.

Phase 1: -

In phase 1, IPv4 addressing scheme is required to create for overall infrastructure of the organization. To create the addressing scheme, IPv4 network i.e. 203.2.XY.0/24 will be used. In the network of, there are 100 devices like computers, printers etc. which are needed to configure. To create the IPv4 addressing scheme, the Variable length subnet mask technique is used. As compared to FSLM, VLSM is preferred because there is less wastage of IP address. Another reason to select the VLSM for subnetting is that it provides an efficient and optimal addressing scheme for network.  A table is generated by using VLSM technique which will include the detail information about the network. The table will include the columns of network address, default gateway, broadcast and assignable range etc. Additional information related to IP address of servers is needed to needed. A logical network diagram will be provided in the assessment to discuss the IP address structure assigned to all the devices. 

Phase 2: -

After a period of time, the company decided to re-expand the existing network to achieve business goals and technical goals. For the purpose of expansion, a new network address scheme has been assigned i.e. 163.XY.0.0/16 where XY is the last 2 digits of student IDs. The company infrastructure is provided in the report, discussing about the number of employees present in each department of the organization. Due to expansion, the previous IP address scheme will get changed as per the new requirement. To prepare a new addressing scheme, VLSM subnetting technique will be used. The VLSM technique will use to create subnets according to user requirements and will reduce the wastage of IP addresses.

Conclusion: -

The assessment is about designing a logical network diagram for the organization. In designing the network, IP address subnet will be provided in each subnet and the users will be required to calculate the IP address scheme for organization. After some period of time, the organization is going to expand its existing network to meet the business and technical goals. Due to expansion, they will require a new network scheme. For new network scheme, a new IP address subnet will be provided and will ask the user to perform the subnetting. For the user, it is recommended to use VLSM subnetting technique. The VLSM technique is suitable as compared to FLSM because there is no wastage of IP addresses.