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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has a long history which is effectively and continually changing and developing with the time. The major focus of the AI is on the intelligent agents comprising different devices having a dissimilar environment and performing actions based-on analyzed the environment in order to maximize the chances to reach success. In this article, the modern artificial intelligence basics and various beneficial representative applications are discussed. With context to the modern world, artificial intelligence is becoming the property of machines, computer programs or systems which are capable of performing intellectual and many effective functions of the person. Most of the artificial intelligence-based systems have the capability to learn things, find a single way to the solution and help in improving their performances over time. The term “intelligence” in artificial intelligence refers to the ability to acquire or apply knowledge to the problem to get a solution (Shabbir & Anwer, 2015).

Level of Artificial Intelligence in today’s generation

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence has become one of the emerging technologies. Currently, artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the field of information and technology. The researchers and scientist use artificial intelligence in robots to perform the various tasks including learning, solving and making decisions regarding the issue. In the robots, computers or other systems, the artificial intelligence-oriented programs are configured to use these devices as an intelligent agent through which complex work can be completed easily without any issues. But, still, artificial intelligence (robotics) is under debate because it requires more time in researching to understand the way used by machine in solving the task.

Human Intelligence difference to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps humans to develop a computer-based on machines/robots to perform the task that is either similar to human beings or different from them. Currently, artificial intelligence is used in developing various robots having human intellectual characteristics like learning, behaviors, ability to sense, ability to make predictions and determine environmental conditions. Robotics is trending and has already entered in many different areas such as industries, hospitals, schools etc.

Another field of application for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence applications are discussed below: -

  • Driverless Cars: - Driverless cars, there are many components present named as radar, camera, sensors and the most important artificial intelligence. These cars help the users to travel to different destinations without any driver. There is no human intervention in the driverless car and the artificial intelligence system used in the car is known as an advanced driver assistance system. The human using ADDS are able to steer, brake or accelerate the speed without any human interaction.
  • Speech Recognition: - There are many security breaches present which can cost in terms of financial loss. Speech recognition is considered one of the most secure techniques for authentication because two people have different voice patterns and artificial intelligence-based speech recognition is capable of differentiating voices during the authentication But, the major problem in the speech recognition is that there are limited words or phrases which can be saved for password authentication. The accuracy and speed of speech are common factors through which the performance of speed recognition system can be measured.
  • Chatbots: - It is difficult for the person to sit 24x7 hours to handle the clients via the internet. By using artificial intelligence, the developers are developing the chatbot to take the query of clients. The chatbot is also known as chatterbot, talk bot or artificial conversational entity and uses highly developed natural languages for processing the query.
  • Identifying life on other planets: - NASA, a space research organization, located at the USA are using artificial intelligence in order to research about the presence of life on other planets. The artificial intelligence does not involve any human interaction.
  • Marketing: - Artificial intelligence is also used in the marketing field as it is helpful in identifying the type of audience and their interest when they are accessing the advertisement present on the webpage. There are advanced intelligent algorithms used in artificial intelligence to learn, detect and predict the type of users which can become the clients at a low cost per acquisition.

Reference: -   

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