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Introduction to the Style of Harvard Citation

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Writers, students, and researchers often use the method of Harvard citation style. It is the system that is used for referencing the research work done by any other author. Quotes, ideas, laws, theories or any other kind of findings that belongs to another author, i.e. written, researched or driven by another author needs to be cited in the paper written by you to avoid plagiarism. You may have used them to support your work or validate your conclusions.

If you don’t want to break any knowledgeable property law, then this popular format of Harvard citation can be used by you in your document. It is basically used for subjects like natural, social and behavioral sciences.

Harvard citation style is the most common international citation style used for academic publications. There are a lot of referencing styles but the most popular format is Harvard referencing among students. Information should be necessarily cited in the paper to prevent yourself from any kind of accusation of plagiarism.

It is very easy to execute its formatting, you just need to be familiar with its rules and then it is easy to deal with the overall formatting. Writing a book or a research paper is a complex, lengthy and complicated task but on the other hand, it is also interesting to do your own research work.

Proper management is required for the execution, so students often use the referencing system and the main components of this parenthetical system are: A referencing list and In-text citation

A referencing list:

All the direct information that is used by you in your work needs to be cited and if you create a list for the citation then it is called a referencing list. It includes all the sources that you have used in your work.

Basically, it is used to make ease for the readers to find the sources with any kind of difficulty and confusion. It allows the readers to locate the reference sources for more information if they feel a requirement.

Each citation in the list includes of following information like Name of author, year of publication, the title of the document of the actual author, city of publication, publisher, number of pages used, etc. Sometimes complete information is provided and sometimes some of these are missing according to the availability.

Name of the author is the first thing that is added while referencing, there are some cases when the author is anonymous or is not mentioned so in such cases it is not written in the list. The year of the publication is also mentioned and in the scenarios when there are two or more references with the same author then the source is arranged by order of the year of publication. Title of the original document from where you took assistance from is also important to be cited with the sources link. You can also mention the publisher of the paper and city of publication.

In-text citation:

In this component of referencing, wherever you have used the direct information, cite the source at the same point of the paper. Also mention the name of the author, year of publication and other miscellaneous information about the actual document.

The in-text citation is the brief description that helps your reader to know about the source from where you got this direct information. Located in the body of your work and conations just a portion of the full citation. Each entry is provided in the main body and full information of the source can be retrieved from the reference list.

In some certain restraints, you may also need to provide a bibliography, to show the process and measurements of the research done by you for the chosen topic.

Why is the citation required? If you are new to this term of referencing then you may find it a confusing task, but it is very important because of many reasons.
• To avoid plagiarism.
• To provide appropriate credit to the actual author.
• You may lose points for your assignment if you miss citing actual sources.
• To prevent the legal actions from the original author.
• Any other consequences can be prevented if you organize your paper with Harvard citation style.

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