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Involved in content marketing? Try these best money saving tricks

Home Articles Involved in content marketing? Try these best money saving tricks

To enjoy the amazing benefits served by content marketing, it is very important to have an effective strategy.

There are many benefits of content marketing like an increase in traffic, a better goodwill, and continuous growth. But to make all these things possible in the long run, the budget has to be increased to some extent. With entrepreneurship, it is imperative to keep the marketing budget and the cost within the limits.

Because of cost- efficiency, content marketing is gaining popularity but it is not that cheap or free. In order to implement a strategy of high quality and to produce excellent work, it is crucial to invest either on an employee or some external firms.

It is a matter of significance that to keep the audience hooked, an effective designing of the brand plays a vital role.

Luckily, if you are a marketer you can cut down the costs that too without compromising the quality of the campaign.

Wondering how it can be possible?

There are some money-saving tricks that are proved to be very useful.

Let’s take a look at them.

  1. By reusing the old content

For some of the marketers, reusing the old content is not a good idea but trust me, it is only bad because the content is not used correctly.  

For instance, suppose a marketer has a blog post named, ‘evergreen topic’. He has posted the content 1 year ago. It will be good to reuse this content as it still stays fresh and can help to attract people to the website.

But if he reuses this content every month then he will not be able to get the desired results. By waiting for a year or two, he has the option of full republication.

If he still wants to use this content without waiting for a year or two, then what he can do is to change the title, make some alterations in the body of the content and reorganize the internal sections. This way, a new look can be given to the article. But, it is imperative to make sure that the URL where the content was previously published is the same, otherwise, he will lose the SEO equity that he has initially build up with the help of content.

  1. Revisualizing the content into new and fresh mediums

As a marketer, you have an option of either converting your article into an infographic or video highlights. You can also utilize the snippets of your article and then post it on various social media platforms used by you. You can cut down the cost of content marketing by re-envisioning new ways to publish your old yet effective content.

  1. Develop monthly series

One of the most important but time- consuming part of a content marketing campaign is coming up with new and innovative ideas. It includes searching for different topics, brainstorming them and then examining a way to present them in front of the audience.

You can save your time as well as money by creating a monthly series. You can use numerous influences of an industry and then create a monthly highlight of it or you can also create a series of 101s that helps the beginners to search fundamental topics. In order to create your future work more easily and rapidly, a template can be used. It will be very effective in creating a monthly series.

  1. Don’t only stuck at content publication. Promotion of content is important too

Brainstorming different ideas, the creation of content, editing, proofreading and publication are some of the steps involved in content marketing. But to become a successful marketer, publishing the content is not enough, you have to move forward with promoting it.

According to Eric Siu, an entrepreneur contributor and single grain CEO, “A marketer should spend 20% of his time in creating content and 80% on promoting it.”

You can showcase your content across various social media platforms and then move forward by spending some money on paid ads, conducting influencer marketing and then submitting it to Reddit or Stumble Upon. At last, start building internal links to it.

  1. Conduct interviews

Interviews are another type of content creation. By conducting an interview with an influencer or a marketer, you can get more exposure and a boost in your morale. For making interviews a part of content marketing, a lot of time and resources are required.

For entry levels, numerous video and audio equipment are designed that are affordable. Before conducting the interviews, you can purchase the equipment and can learn how to use them. After that, what you have to do is to prepare in advance, the questions that are to be asked in the interview. Once you are done with the interview, you can convert the session into a number of videos, audio feeds and written transcripts.

  1. Engage guest contributors

You may have seen that many popular websites have a section named ‘write for us’ on their pages. The reason is that they are well- aware that there are various freelance and ambitious writers who are looking forward to increasing their credibility as well as exposure with the help of guest posting. Also, their content is really good and worth sharing.

Not only the writer will be benefitted through guest posting but the owner of the blog will also gain various benefits like they will enjoy the original content without having to pay anything. Sometimes, only the task of editing and proofreading takes some efforts and time.

  1. Crowdsourcing of the content

If you don’t want to indulge yourself in guest posting then as an alternative, you can do the crowdsourcing of your blog’s content internally. You may engage your team members in creating valuable and useful occasional articles related to any topic that help in attracting more traffic to your website.

Without spending additional time and money, crowdsourcing can be beneficial in exploring a variety of different topics and exceptional perceptions.

You should never forget that all the cost-saving tactics that are used in a marketing campaign can be possibly abused.

If you use these tactics recklessly, it will not only lead to an increase in costs but will also affect the quality of your work adversely. At last, it can even affect the reputation of your brand.

By giving the quality and user- satisfaction, a top priority, you can avoid the negative fallouts while using the above- mentioned cost-saving tricks.

To create a room for growth and development, it is important to use such tricks carefully.

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