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What is IoT?

IoT is a growing technology in which objects are embedded with sensor and software. The physical objects are connected with each other for the purpose of exchanging data. Thus, it is defined as a collection of physical objects that can be accessed, controlled, and managed through internet. IoT completely revolutionizes the lifestyle of humans altogether. This technology demands communication between physical objects. IoT is a gigantic network of physical objects and devices and all these devices and objects are connected with each other through a series of intermediate technologies such as wireless connections, RFID’s which act as enablers of connectivity. With the use of RFID technology, real-time devices can be identified with the use of unique identification numbers that are allocated to each IC embedded in devices. Sensors act as a primary requirement for IoT technology. Sensor collects data from the environment and acts upon it accordingly. IoT enabled devices are termed as smart devices that can sense data and act accordingly without any intervention of humans. Thus, IoT enabled devices are considered to be intelligent devices (Bitz, 2017).

IoT is used in home automation systems, environment monitoring systems, health care systems etc. which highly support old generation or disabled people in their everyday lives. IoT enabled devices create comfortable environment for old age people. Through smart devices, old age people can monitor all their household activities. They can even monitor their health with the use of smart health care system.

Smart home is a grid which is deployed with machine to machine (M2M) interfaced devices that possess the capability of controlling the functionalities of the IoT enabled devices. Smart homes are classified into four categories namely- to monitor, to support, to provide comfort, and to deliver therapy. Smart devices can also serve as a companion that helps the old generation by reducing loneliness and social isolation. With all these smart devices listed below family members can monitor their old parents’ activities.

How smart home facilitate the old generation-

 (Hansen, 2010) Smart home is equipped with IoT enabled devices that can monitor and support old age people. Smart home totally changes the lifestyle of people by adding value to the property. According to various survey conducted by a different researcher, it is proved that smart home fulfills the expectations and needs of old generation.

With the use of IoT enabled devices home is transformed into smart home.

Smart home takes care of old generation by monitoring their health factors. Old age people can control the functional activities of home with the use of centralized remote control.  They can control lighting, climatic condition of the room, monitor their child’s, outdoor solution etc. through IoT technology.

How self-learning stove alarm is helpful for old generation-

Self-learning stove alarm is different from a heat detector and smoke detector alarm. To facilitate old age people, IoT enabled self-learning stove alarm is equipped in homes. A sensor is embedded in this alarm that can learn an individual’s cooking habit instantly by picking up data. If old age people forget stove on, then this alarm can automatically trigger. Thus, with the use of this alarm, the danger of fire and stove burst can be avoided to a large extent.

How smart doorbell facilitates old generation-

Smart doorbell facilitates old generation as it is a powerful smart device that offers a lot of functionality. It firstly increases the security of the old generation along with that it allows old people to see who is present at the door without opening it.  It also facilitates old age people by providing functionality of speak, record, and view with the help of handheld device (tablet, mobile phone). The major functionality offered by this smart device is- it automatically connects with family members when doorbell rang due to which family members get aware who has entered the home. It also provides peace of mind to those family members that are isolated from their old age parents.

How Smart health care systems monitor the health of old people

According to various researchers, it has been proved that a smart health care system extends the life span of old age people. This system daily monitors the daily activities, psychological behavior of old age people. It also sets a diet plan for old people so that they can be nourished properly and live long. Thus, a smart health care system facilitates old generator by evaluating their health-related factors ("SMART HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM", 2017).

How Location tracking wearable patch helps elderly people-

It helps in tracking the location of old age people. With the use of this system, family members can track the location of their old parents. This also provides peace of mind to those family members that are isolated from their old parents due to some reasons.

The challenges associated with IoT technology are-

  1. Security- IoT technology is susceptible to various cyber threats. An attacker can hack the smart devices and operate accordingly which may arise critical issues.
  2. Connectivity- As all IoT enabled devices can communicate with each other through the Thus, network connectivity acts as a key component. The areas that are not supported by network connectivity do not allow IoT enabled devices to perform the operations.
  3. Compatibility and longevity- IoT is incorporated in many technologies such as RFID, WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) etc. as all the technologies can support different hardware. IoT technology is an integration of various technology, so there may be a possibility of incompatibility among hardware devices.


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