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When an organization moves from in-house emailing platform to cloud, it is quite challenging for the organization to handle the change as it is exposed to certain risks. In this report, the case of UniSA has been discussed which has been planning to move on premise Exchange solution 2013 to cloud email service. In this report, the change impact and stakeholder analysis has been done to assess the implications of the change. Also, it includes detailed vendor analysis which will be followed for selection of appropriated cloud vendor


Analysis of current environment

UniSA (University of South Australia) has a good number of student’s enrolment every year, so it has decided to upgrade its on premise Exchange solution into cloud so that greater reliability could be gained. Currently, the university has been using the on premise solution for carrying out communication among various departments and with students as well.

Overview of the change

UniSA is interested in moving its on premise Exchange solution to cloud email service. This change will be going to replace the calendar events of staff and student with timetabling system. Also, this change will be going to create the student and staff email boxes automatically. This change is going to impact the business operations of UniSA as there will be migration of data from on premise to cloud service provider.

Stakeholder identification analysis

For identification of the stakeholders of this cloud migration project, the stakeholder identification analysis will be done in two steps
• Identifying key stakeholders and their interests
In this step, the stakeholder analysis matrix will be constructed to find out the stakeholders associated with this change.



Higher management

Their role is to lead the change of on premise Exchange solution to cloud email service.

Staff members

Their role is to help in deciding that what should be migrated on cloud

Research team

Their role is to use the cloud service for communicating their research work


Their role is to use to the cloud email service in a wise manner as guided by the university’s tutors.

 Assessing the influence and importance of identified stakeholders

For assessment of influence and importance, power-interest table will be used in the following way.




Higher management



Staff members



Research team






Change impact analysis

The change impact analysis is a technique that is used for understanding the implications of change that will be imposed on UniSA and key stakeholders of the change. For analyzing the impact of changes, a tool, PLM will be used.

PLM is a configuration management tool that will be applied with the migration of on premise Exchange solution to cloud email service provider. This tool will
• Track all of the changes that will be done on the UniSA infrastructure due to migration.
• It will allow to follow and analyze the technical changes that will be taking place and will track it too.
• It will provide a complete history of the modifications that is to be done in the configurations and data of UniSA throughout the migration.
• It will create report of non-compliance areas and the changes that is to be made across the board.

Stakeholder relationship/risk analysis

The stakeholder relationship analysis mainly includes the various types of risk that can arise due to stakeholders of UniSA cloud migration project. For this purpose, risk analysis framework will be constructed.


Stakeholder involved

Impact on stakeholder


Degree of impact

Senstivity of research material is a risk associated with this change where the loss of Intellectual Property of UniSA can be a huge loss

UniSA’s researchers

They can lose their research work



Loss of control from the accessibility and maintenance of data can be another risk where this cloud migration will be opposed by higher authorities

Higher management of UniSA

They will lose control over maintenance of university’s data



Communication plan

Stakeholder’s involved

Purpose of engagement

Mode of engagement


Higher management and IT staff

·       To discuss the changes that will made into infrastructure of UniSA.

·       To discuss benefits of moving to cloud email service

Group  discussion

Twice a week

Higher authorities and staff

·       To train for using new cloud email service

·       To discuss the change strategy that will be used

Group  discussion

Thrice a week

Board members and cloud vendors

To select the cloud vendor for cloud email services

One to one interviews

Twice a week

Cloud vendors and IT staff

To clear and discuss implementation of cloud email service

Group discussion

Thrice a week

Proposed Governance Framework

In order to ensure that UniSA is doing the things in right way, in short, the IT strategy of the university is well aligned with its business operations, COBIT v5 will be used for assurance. It is the framework which is used for corporate governance that is driven by IT platforms. Moreover, it also includes governance of Cloud service. The control objectives of COBIT framework will ensure that their cloud email services and other IT services are running reliably and securely.

Detailed Vendor Analysis

Criteria for selecting right cloud vendor for cloud email services are
• Certifications and standards: Often the providers which comply with quality frameworks and standards are preferable ones. For example, a good cloud email service provider follows ISO, NIST, IEEE and DMTF standards.
• Clear SLA: This is essential criteria to prevent from vendor lock ins. The service providers having clear SLA are the preferred ones as they have clear terms and conditions.
• Data governance and security: UniSA must select that cloud email service provider who have a strict data governance scheme followed at its place.


Overall, it can be concluded that this report contained the description of change that UniSA is going to have. Following are certain recommendations for them
• Office 365 would be suitable for them as Microsoft is a reliable and recognized brand having strict security policy.
• UniSA must select cloud email service provider who have a strict data governance framework.

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