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Jet star Airways private limited is an Australian trading airlines company. The company got established in 2003 having headquarters in Melbourne. Airlines provide the regional as well as international services and the domestic network of the company is very extensive because the domestic services provided by the company are at very low cost. In 2005 the company expands its operations to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, gold coast and Christ church. After a few days of expansion in Australia the company expands its operations on international grounds. And named as world’s first global low-cost airline. At present jet star is the third largest airline but as the company is facing great competition from the virgin blue company so they have to formulate some strategies to face this competition effectively. The marketing strategies have provided success to the company by rising about 7% growth in the revenues of the company. But there are some risks in marketing strategies. The company endorsing economic expansion, tourism and they are focusing on particular regions and acquiring the human resources according to particular regions. The regional strategy is not very great for the company because the international company cannot be benefited through regional human resources. So they have to integrate their regional services according to the international demands.

The marketing strategy plays a significant role in the success of business operations. Every organization have to formulate their marketing strategies according to the scale and type of operations. They have to design the route map to achieve their mission and vision. The main principles which must be considered while designing the marketing strategies are as follows:
Differentiation: the company must ensure that they are providing the differentiated goods and services as compared to their competitors to build their brand image.

Segmentation: the company must divide their operations and do separate planning for the different segments. So that they can achieve the overall objective in an effective manner.

Concentration: the company must concentrate on all aspects of the company which includes all the stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders etc.

Price: price determines the buying decision of the customer. So the cost incurred in the marketing strategies must be controlled so that the prices can be reasonable.

Promotion: the company need to promote the product for their wide acceptance in form of personal selling, publicity, mailing to the customers etc.

Place: the right place and the right time of product can place the company in the right position.

Process: the company performs their all operations in a certain way starting by checking the booking list of the customers ensuring the availability of the flight, to comply with the destination request by the customer. After checking all the requirements, the luggage of the customer will be checked to proceed for the boarding.

The jet star has launched their new SEA campaign which will on the cultural phenomenon. The tagline of the campaign is “Because You Can”. In this marketing strategy, the company is promoting its services at a low cost which will empower the travellers. In the marketing banners of this campaign, the company has featured some travellers in different poses. This campaign has been designed to influence the seven markets across south-east Asia, the markets are Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and the Philippines. The jet star has designed their marketing strategies on the following bases:

From functional to emotional:

The company has realized that there is no point of difference in the ads currently run by the company. Which is not providing any reason to their customer to fly with them? So the company is working on their communication model to make people aware of their products and services, ensuring all these at low cost to maintain the brand image of the company.

Enhancing its services:

The best service which a travel company can provide is customizing the travel by the customer. So in this campaign, the company has designed a special platform where the customer can talk about the things they want in their travel.

Localizing content within the region:

The company has collaborated with the creative agency named ‘The secret little agency’ for this campaign. This company has creatively designed the high experienced services for the travellers which will create a great impact on them socially and culturally. One of the creative idea designed by the company is the giveaway of twenty thousand selfie sticks in the public to encourage the creative selfie-taking skills practice. To maintain its local business, the company reached out to each market in the local area.

The company has to offer more flight destinations at least every four hours so that their customers have a choice of destination at a suitable time and they don’t have to rush for another company’s services which will be more profitable for the company. The company can provide the eatable service in their short journey flights like orange juice or any drink to create more impact on the customer.

Conclusion: Jet star, the airline company is providing various services to its customers from the regional area to international grounds in an effective manner. The brand image of the company is high because of the services of the company at very low prices. The company has to maintain its brand image by concentrating on the marketing strategies ensuring low cost.


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