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Journal of information is an international journal which is of high reputed covering all topic which are related to the interest to all those researching and working in the sciences of information and knowledge management. It is also termed to be as a broad based discipline which has potential impact in almost every sphere of human activity in the emerging information age. There have been significant advances in information technology and information processing techniques over recent years and the pace of innovation which shows no sign of slowing. However, the application of these technologies is often sub-optimal because theoretical understanding lags behind.

Journal of information science is a peer-reviewed international journal of high reputed which covers topics of interest to all those researching and working in the sciences of information and knowledge management. The topic which will mainly be covered in this Journal paper are identification of a research question or problem to address, literature review, primary and secondary data gathering, analysis of results which helps in ensuring the project addresses the questions to the problem which is being faced.

Identification of question to address problem

In this particular section the issue related to the topic will be identified with a research question that can be met in their field of computing through the research which is to be practiced. The questions, problems or need to that particular topic should have been identified through initial desk-based research or from a real world issue for a business or particular organization.

Intelligence or data gathering phase

Literature Review: In this particular section a thorough literature review of the topic is performed in which the appropriate journals and articles are referred. By the help of literature review all the results of the literature review are discussed through which all the issues related to the topic can easily be identified.

Identification of appropriate research methodology: In this section an appropriate methodological approach that will underpin their data gathering strategy will be identified. The approach which will be identified must follow the identified approach in their design through which implementation can be done in appropriate manner as required.

Critical analysis & production phase

This section will basically comprise of four sections which are as:

Analysis of research findings: In this section research findings will be analyzed by using an approach that aligns with the methodology which is identified in the above section.

Discussion of research findings: The results of the research analysis should be considered and any conclusions drawn should be discussed in the context of the research undertaken.