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Key Factors to Consider for Writing Research Proposal

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Before starting with the research proposal, you must know the difference between a research proposal and a research paper. Research paper is a document explain one’s research and aids one’s thesis.

On the other side, a research proposal is called as a document proposes the research project. It gives a detail and insight about your strategies and motive behind a research. It specifies the purpose and points of a person’s research. Also, research proposal requests for sponsoring/ providing finances for a person’s research project.

A research proposal should be given in a detail and also, explain the overall factors related to the research. Details should be given about what will be the research process? Which parts require experiments? How much cost will be incurred during the experiments and investigations? Why should they get this sponsorship or is their research worth the financial aid? etc. all these questions should be answered in a research proposal.

Your research paper should also tell what will be its contribution in the respective field you are researching in. Your research paper should be effective and should also be pretty convincing. Below mentioned are some effective ways that you can use while preparing a research proposal.

1. Take time – Writing a research paper can take a lot of time. It can also take months, but it is not a bad thing. If you want to submit a research paper, then you start the process the process months back. As it has the word ‘research’ in it, you should take note from it that research requires huge time, efforts and investment. So, do not waste time and focus on your research.

2. Study the Format – The format of the research can vary depending on the type of research and the field of research. Study and check which format is followed in your research field. It can vary from institution to institution, confirm the format from the institution you want to submit the research proposal to.   

3. Compose a title – The title should be such that it specifies you research in brief. It should be descriptive and concise at the same time. The reader should come to know what your research proposal is about and should also be interested in reading it.

4. Present title page – The title page should tell the title of your research, name of the researcher and name of the institution that you are presenting it to. Different institutions have different format for a title page and you can create it according to their format.

5. Use Keywords – Keywords should be used in your document as it will help boosting its chances of being searched. Using keywords helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With its help, people who are searching something related to your topic can use some information they need. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your research. For instance, if you are writing a research paper relating to technical field, then you must use technical terms.

6. Abstract -  Abstract should encapsulate your whole report. It should be a brief about your research. The word abstract should be center aligned and it should not exceed 200-250 words. State the problem and the solution in the abstract in short.

7. Explain the Problem – Explain the problem behind your research. Talk about its background. What are the problems being faced currently and the reasons who think your research will improve it? You can also give some facts and data that provides an evidence to your problem. It will help you to lay emphasis and will give weight to your research.

8. Clear Doubts – Your research document should clear the doubts that are there in the reader’s mind. you can list all the questions that you think can be asked or can arise in the reader’s mind and give a convincing answer, leave no room for doubts.

9. Methodology -  Explain the methods that you will use to solve the problems. Also discuss the way in which you are going to solve the problem. There is different methodology used to solve a problem you can also use them but make sure you tell the readers about the methodology you will use.

10. References – Give relevant references to support your research proposal. Make sure your resources are reliable. While taking some information from a source check if its authentic and then use the data as well as the reference.

Following these points will help you in preparing an effective proposal for your research. Take time, devote efforts, invest time in order to give your best.

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