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Key Points to Know While Using Vancouver Style Referencing

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The standardized way in which the information sources and ideas used in any assignment are acknowledged come under the referencing part. It is an essential step in writing any paper as it helps in avoiding plagiarism and increase the credibility of the work. The increased comprehension of the topic by the reader is another reason for referencing the sources of the information used while doing the writing task.

Vancouver style referencing is used in the fields of medicine, and biology. The components of Vancouver, a numbered referencing style, are a numbered reference list and the citations of the work already done by the experts and professionals.

In-text citations in Vancouver referencing

Make sure you get to a new page in order to write the references of the sources used in the college essays and the academic papers.

  • Arabic numbers are used in Vancouver style
  • Arabic numbers in superscript or in round brackets are used while referencing any kind of paper (text, figures, and tables) in Vancouver style.
  • The style assigns a number to each reference at the time of the citation. The usage of the numbers is a must, no matter whether the name of the author(s) is given in the text. For example, Kayle (10) had stated that.
  • Regardless of the previous position of the text, the reference to the original number cited in the text is reused.
  • Use a hyphen when multiple references are to be used in inclusion. For separating non-inclusive numbers, commas without any spaces are used. For example, (3,4,5,6,8,9) can be abbreviated to (3-6,8,9).
  • In case, there are no citation numbers to be used in the reference; no hyphens are used. For example, (3-4).
  • Consider the placement of the citation numbers within the text. You should check for the relevancy of the particular reference to a part of the sentence. The correct place of the reference numbers in the Vancouver reference style should be done outside the full stops and commas. If you use semicolons, then these are to be used inside them.
  • Use abbreviations of the journal titles

Reference list and bibliography used in Vancouver style referencing

The components of the reference list are the details of the work cited in the documents. The examples here are article, journal, internet site, film, tape and many more. This eases the use of the references. Whereas, the list of the references used in the bibliography is different. The key difference between the reference list and bibliography is the ordering of the authors alphabetically. In case, there is no author mentioned in the content; then the titles are used.

List the reference at the end of the essay and report. Keep the numerical of the content in the same order. All the sources that you have used in writing the essay or any of the academic papers should be cited in the reference list.

Vancouver reference generator tools help in citing the sources and make a compiled list of the sources used.

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