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Key Points to Remember While Writing Observation Essay

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What is Observational Essay?

An observational essay describes the author’s observation. This observation can be based on a person, place, event, conflict, movement, etc. In this essay, the writer gives detailed information about the event or scenery being described. It helps the reader to assume and imagine the idea that is being discussed.

“Sometimes it is the quiet observer that sees the most” – Kathryn L. Nelson

Very rightly quoted by Kathryn L. Nelson, a quiet observer learns the most. It is always said that the more you stay quiet and observe your surroundings, the more you will learn. There are different ways to sharpen your observation skills.

It is a key skill that any writer can use in his writing. They must be able to write in such a way that it captivates and make the readers feel, what the author wants them to feel. However, this skill is developed with time. Therefore, if you are a beginner do not lose hope, practice hard and develop your potential skills. You can take search for online essay help USA, and get the required assistance in writing an impressive essay.

Things to Consider while writing an observation essay

1. Subject Matter – Subject matter is very important factor that you have to discuss in your essay. The first thing that comes while writing an observation essay is the subject or topic. A topic related to personal experience of the author will be more efficient and come out naturally. If the writer is discussing an incident that he has witnessed himself, he will be able to express it in a better manner. If you have an event that you observed and want to write about – you can take notes and eliminate the unwanted information. You can develop a better outline of your essay.
2. Specific Details – If you want your author to experience the same things you felt; it is important to discuss each detail precisely. The details must be conveyed as it is. It allows the reader to get a clear idea and image of the event being described. But one must keep in mind which detail should be mentioned and which to neglect. Giving to many details will create chaos in your essay. It will demonstrate your poor writing skills.

3. Tense – You must always use present tense while describing your observation. It will help the audience to feel it in a better way. The reader should feel the new aspects of the stories as he/ she continues to reads it. It is good practice to write in present tense as it will help the readers to stay interested and engaged with the story.

4. Structure – Follow the proper structure of the essay. Introduction, then the body followed by the conclusion. In the introduction, briefly discuss the idea or event you will talk about. Then in the body, give your brief descriptions regarding your observation.  In the end, conclude your story. If you are not willing to compose a better idea take essay help USA.

5. Proper Terminology – Proper terminology is important to put the impression on the reader regarding the story. If you are talking about a technological event like a car launch or different new mobile application versions, etc., then make sure that you use technical terms. If you are talking about an event related to medical science, then use those terms that are used in that field. In this way, you must take care that you are describing and using the required terminology to create the necessary impression.

6. Be Descriptive – Be descriptive while writing. In order to learn, how to write a good essay, you must search online various writing formats. Learn some unique and creative writing examples. There are many instances online, you can use them as reference and then try to write it yourself. But remember to identify which things should or should not be described in detail. Along with the tangible things also describe the intangible things like the climate/ atmosphere or environment of that place/ event. These are the minute things that needs to be given attention while specifying the description.  

7. Check errors – Check the errors before finalizing your essay. After you are done writing, read the essay to ensure it is error free. While reading the essay, check whether it is causing the same effect that you want to cause through your reading. Identify the spelling mistakes, grammatical mistake or anything that you missed while writing. Proofread it or ask your friend or senior to check it out for you. Once you know your mistakes rectify them.

If you keep these points in mind, then you will be able to come up with a great observation essay. However, if you unable to come up with something unique you can opt for essay help USA, by doing so you can get a unique content for your essay.

Observation Essay Example Topics
• What are the effects of tattoo on the body?
• How music heals or reduces stress/ tension?
• New library in the city
• New car launch event
• Antique auction in the city
• Importance of punctuality
• Ways to relieve yourself from stress
• Effects of smoking in our body
• New movie released
• What our personality tells about us?
• Is our first impression always true?
• How water gets contaminated?

These are some example topics for writing an observation essay. Practice them and develop your skills. You should be ready to take help if you need whether it’s from a friend, peer or an online essay help USA. Focus on the development and creativity of your skills.

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