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The organizations which have done the best over an extended period of time are the most innovative and creative around the world. Such organizations don’t replicate the works of other organizations but instead they come up with innovative ideas for various products, services, and applications. With the help of innovative products and services, they tend to stay away from the entire competition rather than being a competitor. If such organizations visualize another company which copies their concept, then they tend to create something unique and better. In simpler words, they are able to make extensive usage of creativity and innovative capabilities in order to attain long-term success. All companies could be highly creative and innovative irrespective of field of expertise, type of products and services. When creativity and innovation are applied in every aspect of the business, organizations would be able to stay ahead of the entire changing marketplace and overall competition.

Creativity is a complex function which consists of various parameters such as evaluation, imagination, curiosity, and knowledge. With the advent in knowledge base and the extent of curiosity, more ideas, patterns, and combinations could be achieved which directly relates to creation of new and innovative service and products. However, merely having knowledge would not guarantee the formation of new and modern patterns. Various bits and pieces must be shaken up and iterated in various new innovative ways. Further, embryonic ideas must be evaluated and developed into various usable ideas. It is not just a concept but an entire continuous process. In the process, three important levels occur which are discovery, invention, and creation.

Discovery – The lowest level of creativity is discovery as it resembles closely to the name. It’s when an individual becomes aware of or unknowingly and unintentionally stumble upon something. Many great inventions originate with a singular spark known as discovery.

Invention – A higher level of creativity is invention which comes a level after discovery. For instance, the invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. Moreover, if one entity doesn’t innovate then someone else will. If Alexander Graham Bell would not have invented telephone, someone else would have surely done it. So, the invention is higher than discovery but it is something that is going to happen eventually.

Creation – Creation defines the topmost and highest level of creativity. For instance, the stage play Othello could be genuinely categorized as creation. The Elizabethan drama would have gone on without Shakespeare but no one else would have been capable enough of wiring the Othello. Similarly, there are numerous products and services which an organization is capable of creating and the key lies are to investigate and evaluate what those things are.

Numerous strategies could be employed for increasing creativity and innovation in an organization. Some of them are given below –

  • Creative people have appropriately developed the ability to observe and use their senses which can get dull over time. Thus, it becomes highly essential to “sharpen the blade” and observe various parameters.
  • Innovation is strictly based on knowledge. Thus, one needs to continuously and constantly expand the overall knowledge base by reading thing which you don’t normally read.
  • Personal perceptions and point-of-view might limit the overall reasoning. One must be highly careful while perceiving various things. In simpler world,judgment should be deferred.
  • Patterns must be treated as part of problems. In addition, recognizing the new pattern is highly useful but it becomes important to not become a part of it.
  • One should come up with ideas at the beginning of innovation process. All ideas must be arranged in an optimal manner and the most preferable ideas must be pursued. At one point in time, one would have to stop the process of idea generation and constantly work upon execution of various ideas through suitable methods.
  • Experience to the maximum limit because it would be a key differentiator and a major factor for the entire success. Exposure will help in putting more and more ideas in your subconscious. In order to broaden and widen the experience portfolio, it would become necessary to actively and extensively seek out various real-life experiences.
  • One of the major aspect and optimal strategy is to visualize what others are not seeing. By visualizing what others are not able to, you’ll be able to obtain innovative thinking and competitive edge over others.
  • The more innovative and creative you would be; the more long-term success will be achieved. So, in place of constantly chasing the next big idea, it is highly necessary to introduce a high degree of creativity and innovation to what currently is being done. When you’ll be successful in doing so, you’ll be regarded as an industry innovator and be the one which your competitors are trying to imitate. Thus, innovation and creativity are not a single step but a continuous process which goes on for an extended period of time.