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Learn How to Write a Book Review with These 6 Tips

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What is a Book Review?

A Book Review is an exploration of a book in which the writer needs to add the subject, the strengths and the weaknesses and also the context of writing. It is a thorough explanation, assessment and analysis of the meaning and the actual significance of the book.

The professors assign the task of writing the book reviews as a practice to wisely study the complicated scholarly texts and to measure the abilities to produce research.

What are the Different Approaches of Reviewing a Book?

Basically, there are two general approaches of reviewing the book.

• Descriptive Review: In this type of review, the content and the format of the book is highly empirical and further explains important information regarding the purpose of the book. All this done by declaring the perceived purposes of the study.
• Critical Review: While writing a critical review, you need to define and calculate the book with regard to accept literary and historical principles.

What are Parts of a Book Review?

Whenever you are assigned the task of writing a book review, the first thing that strikes your mind is to provide your own opinion of that particular book. But you must know that this is not the only information that you will require to come out with a good book review. A short summary of the book, background information related to the author and topic are major components of a successful book review. While you write a brief summary of the book, you must believe that your audience has not read the book.

Why Write a Book Review?

Book reviews are helpful as they help the readers to know and apprehend what actually a particular book is all about and if spending time would turn out to be worthy.

‘How to write a book review’, is very well-answered in the below-given points.

1. Describe the Plot

Make sure that first things are done first. On reading the book review, your readers will wish to know about the book you are writing the review on. Thus, describing the plot in a very balanced manner in a book review is what that is required. Don’t make a mistake of writing the whole story instead just write enough to nail the readers. In addition to this, you can add some of the background information that is mentioned on the coat of the book and include the elements that you think would be attracting for the readers.

2. Find the Hook

At the time of writing the book review, there are two hooks that need to be considered. The initial one is to how to grab the attention of the readers so that they don’t simply scroll away without reading the whole review content and the second one is to persuade them to choose that particular book in case the reviews are positive. You must ensure that your reader gets glued to the book from the very beginning. Think of the instance that made you choose that book and use it to inspire the readers.

3. Be Clear with Your Opinion

It is very important for the writer of the book review to be clear with the thoughts and ideas he or she wants to include in the review. While writing the review don’t forget to add your own opinions on the thing that worked or didn’t work well in accordance to the characters and events of the book. You must tell the reasons to your readers whether to choose the book or not.

4. Consider the Reviews Already Written

You may take help from various websites that already have reviews of various books. You don’t have to copy them instead they are just for reference to make the task effective and easy for you. Do you like the controversial reviews, the plot summaries or the reviews that hold a strong voice? It is up to you whether you wish to add a formal tone to your book review. All these are the simple methods of making the book review task a successful one.

5. Describe Both: Praise and Critiques

While you are assigned the task for writing the book review for a particular book, it is important for you to explain both: the praise and the critiques. This must be done to leave a clear picture in front of the eyes of the readers. If a book is boring, you simply write that the book is not worth reading instead explain about the elements that didn’t work well to seek the attention of the readers.

6. Proofread before Posting

Having a typo-laden book review will surely lose integrity with the readers. Once you have written your book review, don’t forget to proofread the final draft. Proofreading will help you know the spelling and the grammatical mistakes that need to be avoided. Check for the flow of the ideas and thoughts in the content.

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