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What is an essay and what does it consist of? If you too are tired of searching for this on the internet every time you have to write an essay, then this article is for you. I will help you in getting information about the essays in a pertinent manner to help you get rid of the convolution which arises every time you find it in different sources.

Follow the format while writing an essay and turn it into a well-organized piece of writing

The format of a basic essay is writing an introduction to the essay. The body of the essay and the conclusion follow it. But keep it flexible and allow the topic of the specific assignment to guide you the writing and organizing ways.

Let us have a look at the underlying essay format

Parts of a paragraph

Paragraphs are used to discuss an idea that supports the thesis statement of the essay. They do the same part in this form of the academic writing task. Every paragraph in the topic sentence of the article must support the topic sentence and conclude it. The scope and the purpose of the paragraphs determine the length of the essays. But the minimum number of topic sentences in the essays should be two.


The topic sentence should contain the main idea of that paragraph. It shows that the idea must relate to the thesis. It is a perception that the topic sentence must be at the beginning of every section. But it is not any hard and fast rule. Things are flexible in the essays. You can vary the location and the placement of the audience expectation and individual organization.

The best thing is that if you are not able to transit from one paragraph to another, then the topic sentences can help you in it.


These are the details which elaborate upon the thesis and topic sentence. Pay some attention while choosing the supporting features of the essay. It has to be drawn from the variety of sources which has to be first determined by the genre and the assignment guidelines. Do not forget to include the analysis of the writer.


You must end every paragraph with a final statement, and that statement must bring together the ideas showcased in the paragraph. Moreover, you can serve the concluding sentence in t0ransitioning to the next paragraph.


The unity and the coherence of the essays are very advantageous. Not only they can help you in achieving the consistency and the lucidity of the essays, but the level of the readers’ understandability has been enhanced. If you want to include and maintain the unity of the essay throughout the content, then you must concentrate on the words which you are “stuffing” into the articles.


When you continue a single idea of the thesis throughout the essay, then it is termed as a united essay. Every example and detail of the essay should be done logically. Moreover, do not forget to refer back to the original focus.


When you are linking each point in the following paragraph from the previous ones for the ease in the information flow is called coherence. Furthermore, it helps in the clear and logical progression of the central idea of the content. 

While writing an essay in English, it is essential to take care of grammar and spellings. To avoid losing scores over silly errors you should go for Essay help. Don’t hesitate in browsing, “write my essay online”. It is okay to seek help rather than committing mistakes.



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