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Literary Essay: Definition and How to Write it?

Home Articles Literary Essay: Definition and How to Write it?

There are many different types of essays such as narrative essays, descriptive essays, exploratory essays, evaluation essay, etc. Amongst these essays, one such type is literary essay. Literary essay is a type of essay in which student are asked to evaluate a literature that they have read.

It could be either a poem or a book. It is used to check the student’s capability to understand their perspective. It is also used to check how accurately they can understand someone else’s thoughts/ story. Literary essay is like an evaluation of a literature or a piece of literature.

There are different facts students should know to write a college essay. After understanding the term literary essay, let’s discuss its uses and purpose of telling the students to write a literary essay. The most important reason to ask students to write a literary essay is to examine the way the students understand the story/ poem or book.

There are many components in a story that the students have to evaluate while writing a literary essay. Some elements on the basis of which a literature is evaluated are:

• Subject
• Story-line
• Content
• Main theme
• Characters
• Concepts
• Structure of the story

The above- mentioned elements are examined in order to check or analyze a literature. The instructor can ask the students to examine all the elements or any one element specifically.

If you do not know how to write a literature essay, you can take essay help online, there are also plenty of examples available online. You must go through the examples and then try it by yourself. But keep one thing in mind that the examples that are provided online, are their personal opinions about the story. So, do not just copy and paste someone else’s evaluation. Every person is different from one another so, just use it as an example, reader the story or poem yourself and then start writing your essay.

Usually all the essays have the same format, example every essay will have introduction, body and conclusion but the way you write it and the content in it will differs for different essays. Now let’s discuss how to write a literary essay.

1. Read the poem/ book – This is the perquisite to write an essay. Before writing an essay read thoroughly the poem or book you will be evaluating in your essay. Focus on the theme of the story, the elements of the story and the characters of the story.

Also focus on the relationship among the characters and how the elements and the characters fit amongst one another. Read the story line and main idea of the book. It will help to develop an outline on the basis of which you will prepare your essay.

2. Compose a thesis – After reading the story thoroughly come up with a strong thesis statement. It should be interesting and attractive as well as compel the readers to stay hooked to your essay just by reading the title.

3. Introduction – Make the introduction interesting and appealing because it is the one that helps readers decide whether to continue reading or not. So, introduce the topic and the title of the poem or book you will be talking about. Make sure you make no mistakes and address these mistakes properly.

Give an idea in the introduction about the author’s composition and introduce the idea behind the story. It must avoid explaining it in detail in the introduction.

4. Body – Explain in brief the aspects of the story and the main idea the author is talking about through his or her literature. Do not rush things, explain everything one by one. If you are talking about a topic first then complete it, don’t start another concept in between. It will create ambiguity in the reader’s mind and a lot of confusion which can make the readers loose interest in your essay.

Use some quotes or other literature work to support the ideas you are talking about in your essay. Do not use the quotes too much, only use them when necessary.

5. Conclusion – The conclusion of your essay should sum up the ideas and themes you talked about in the essay. Describe them in brief and answer the questions why the author written it? What was their idea behind it? What are they trying to convey through their literature?

Follow these instructions and write the essay in the proper format. Always reread the essay and inspect for any kind of error that you might have made unknowingly while writing an essay. Write all the information in timely manner and make sure you explain everything you wanted to through your essay.

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