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MIS (Management Information System) of Mediterranean Shipping Company

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Background of the company

Mediterranean is one of the known shipping organization which started in the year 1970 in Brussels. Firstly, the organization started as tramp operator. To enhance the growth of the organization, MSC added more ships in the end of the year 1978. MSC became Swiss company after moving from Brussels to Geneva. Founder of the company named as Mr. Aponte appreciate the advantages of hubbing and containerization due to which success stories of MSC can easily be traced at this particular junction. In the year 1994, Mediterranean Shipping Company Greece S.A was established with the help of Dimitri Theodorikas (shipping agent) and MSC Geneva S.A (liner shipping MSC). To enhance the business growth, Dimitri Theodorikas contracted Piraeus Port Authority for using port of Piraeus as their main hub. It increases the globalization and the company was listed in the top list of container ports.

Importance of security while using management information system

In this world of technology, most of the organization use information system to exchange their personal and confidential data with each other. As all the information is shared over the internet, it is important for the IT professionals to consider the security of the personal information of the Officers of Mediterranean Shipping Company. Security is one of the most important aspect which need to be considered while using management information system. If the security of the computers and networks is not maintained, then it becomes easy for the attackers or unauthorised users to access the personal details of the MSC officers that are stored over the internet. Therefore, it is important to consider the security measures while storing and sharing the information over the internet (Alnawaiseh, 2014).

Threats faced while using management information system

There are many threats and issues that might be faced by the officers of Mediterranean Shipping Company while using management information system (Henry, 2010). Some of the security threats that might affect the confidential information of the users include:

  • Data hacking
  • Computer virus
  • Sabotage
  • Privilege escalation
  • Denial of service
  • Trojan horses
  • Identity theft
  • Vandalism

Global management information system

Global information system is basically an enterprise solution which provides different tools and strategies. With the help of all these strategies and tools, organizations can easily manage all their operational activities and achieve their business objectives. Most of the organizations have invested in web management and content management solutions to manage the content creation, publishing processes as well as approval. It becomes easy for the organization to deliver localized content effectively and appropriately. This further helps the organizations to reduce the localization cost and processing time.  

Ethical or social issues related to management information system

In this business world, it is important for the organizations to perform all the activities ethically as it helps to increase the business productivity. Ethics are basically the principles of right and wrong which help the organizational team members to make choices to guide their behaviours. Trust is one of the most important ethical aspect which must be considered by all the team members of the organization to achieve the business objectives. If ethics are not considered, then there are chances that the profitability as well as productivity might get affected. Some of the social issues related to management information system includes cybercrime, copyright in fragment, hacking etc. Therefore, it is important to consider all the ethical aspects to achieve the business objectives (Alsalloum, 2011).

Project failures

Project is basically an activity which helps the organization to meet their objectives by accomplishing routine activities within appropriate time and cost. If all the activities are not completed within assumed time and cost, then it might lead to project failure. Some of the main causes of project failure are as follows:

  • Poor preparation
  • Inadequate documentation and tracking
  • Bad leadership
  • Inexperienced project manager
  • Inaccurate cost estimation
  • Disregarding project warning signs (LIM, 2018)

New technology

By providing right locale and purpose, shipping containers of the Mediterranean Shipping Company can easily provide feasible options for business and housing people. It is important for the organization to understand their financial institution environment which includes business strategy, policies, information system, procedures, physical resources, and human resources of Mediterranean Shipping Company. It is also important to consider all these factors as it directly impact potential threat source, method, motivation and consequences. All these factors can easily be achieved by grouping and categorizing into one. These can be categorized under human, mixed and non-human threats. Some of the examples are as below:

  • Humans
  • Crackers
  • Hackers

Different options to be considered as a manager

  • Project manager should look for new opportunities to increase their business production.
  • Manager should take decisions by considering the financial situation of the company to avoid exposure.
  • Manager should select proper partners and strategize all their business activities to complete the project within appropriate cost and time.


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