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Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Decision Making

Home Articles Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Decision Making

The process of decision making has some advantages and disadvantages as per its process and the selection of the alternatives. The managers make big decisions by following a formal process, but with the growth of the industries, one has to bring the effective changes in the decision-making process for the effective working. There are different methods that helps to bring a perfect solution for the problems. There are 8 effective elements of decision-making that influences the whole process.

Let’s know more about the advantages and disadvantages of decision-making

Advantages of decision-making

  • Helpful in sharing the knowledge

Decision-making is helpful in sharing the knowledge on various concepts as it gives the managers the opportunity to, share the knowledge about a decision that is required to be made. If the manager is aware of something really important, he must share it with others so that everyone can be aware of it and it would be helpful for the organisation also. If everyone in the organisation has complete knowledge about the details, there would be better working of the company. The managers collectively can form a developed view of the problem which would lead to best decisions.

  • Build interest of the people

The decision-making is helpful in building the interest of the individuals working in the organisation, and it also makes them participate at the same level. It is most beneficial for the company as every individual would help with the help of the growth of the organisation. People would come up with more innovative ideas, and that will help in the better planning and decision-making in the company. Decision-making makes everyone aware, and they would start participating effectively. Thus, there would be better ideas, and from those ideas, there can be an easy selection of the best one.

  • Understanding among the members

The members of the organisation become understanding once they are involved in the process of decision making. The employees feel their importance if they are given importance. With an increase in understanding, there is a rise in the functioning of the organisation. It would make the whole process smooth as there is more acceptance of the suggestions. People tend to resist less and accept more which creates a positive environment for the organisation.

  • Better ideas

The decision-making process help to come up with the better ideas so that the manager can evaluate more and analyse the possibilities for the betterment of the organisation. With more ideas, there can be more possibilities for innovation which will lead to the best solution to any problem.

  • Effective teamwork

There is more participation of the employees in group decision-making which helps to build the morale and maintain a healthy relationship with the employees. The team members are more interested when the view of each one of them is given equal importance. It also helps in the development of the skills of the employees as they will start working more effectively and efficiently. They will come up with the better results and alternatives for the better functioning of the organisation.

  • The equal contribution of the employees

There are certain activities in a group that helps them to contribute at the same level. The group discussions are helpful in increasing the participation of the employees. The employees would be more interested in working for the company if they are also contributing to the ideas, it would raise their interest, and they will start thinking about it.

  • Plenty of information

If there is a group that is brainstorming on a particular idea, they will come up with the best ideas, and with a number of ideas, there will be better alternatives available to a particular problem. There is more flow of information, and there are numerous ideas. There are lots of advantages of group discussion, and it has a number of benefits also that would make it clear.

  • The opinion of the expert

The information that came from the expert is always to the point, and it helps to deliver the ideas that are best as per the quality. The experts provide the experts based on their experiences and the knowledge they have on the basis of their background. The need of expert is always there; even the companies outsource the experts to get the best ideas.

Disadvantages of group discussion making

  • Consumes a lot of time

The group discussions are very time-consuming. More the people of the group more will be the views. And all the views will need proper discussion. Thus it is time-consuming. In a group, equal attention has to be given to all the employees, and all come up with the unique and innovative ideas. But there is not always plenty of time so that team can spend on the decision-making of all the problems.

  • Difference in opinions

If there are a lot of people discussing the same topic, there can be the difference in their views. And it is not important that all would agree on all views, some would disagree also. Thus, there can be conflicts, and it will harm the working of the organisation and break the peaceful atmosphere of the company. There is the possibility of certain disparities with the multiple views that ca result in the conflicting situations.

  • Behaviour at the time of disagreement

Some people participate in the discussion if they agree or disagree but there are some who do not cast their view if they disagree. The reason behind this is that they respect the views of others and do not participate in the argument. Thus, their point of view is not considered and they it hampers the quality of their working and opinions.

  • Pressure of society

At the time of decision making, there is a lot of pressure on the people, and the environment pressurises them. Consequently, they do not come up with the effective decisions as per the problems. The stress affects their thinking abilities.

  • Prioritise the idea

There is a number of people working on the ideas to get the solution to the problem. But every individual will focus on the ideas that they prioritise. Therefore, it can cause the disagreement in the groups.

  • Ignorance of important decisions

While there is a group working on the decision, there can be certain ideas that would be ignored by the group. People would give high priority to the things that they would prefer. And the people with low priority will be given low importance. There is the replacement of the high prioritise task with the task with low priority. Therefore, it makes the organisation suffer a lot.

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