Major Causes of Low Morale in Employees

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Low morale of the employee refers to a situation that makes the employee disinterested in working in the organisation. There can be certain reasons that can affect the morale of the employees and it also depends upon the leader and the manager that is not able to address the problems of the employees and to motivate them. The employees are not happy with the present position in the same company and that demotivates them to a great level. Thus, there add lot of things that make the morale of the employee to fall. You must read the article key factors that affecting employee morale before reading about the low morale.

Here are number of reasons that causes low morale of the employees.

  • The improper division of the work make the people to feel demotivated. In few cases, some people get less amount of work or insufficient work that increases the burden on other employees. Thus, this arises the differences among the employees and make them to give birth to the feeling of partiality.
  • There can be the situation, where people are devoted with less work but they get high remunerations in reward. And on the other hand, there are people that are completely loaded with the work but does not get even enough pay. It makes them to feel dissatisfied and they as a result they have a low morale that affects their working in the organisation.
  • There are the supervisors that create a big scene of minor problems and that’s why it makes their morale to fall. This has been the major reason behind the falling morale of the employees.
  • The bad health of the employees whether it is physical or mental can also affect the morale of the employees causing discomfort to them.
  • In some organisations, the lines of authority are not adhered to. There can be the situation where the superior passes his instructions directly to the lower level subordinate cutting down the middle level that makes the middle-level manager feel demotivated. It also violates the principle of the company. Thus, it makes the employees lose his morale.
  • Every employee works for his personal growth also, but if he feels that the current organisation cannot make him grow and there are no chances of promotion, then he will lose the feeling of belongingness for the company. It makes his morale to fall drastically.
  • If the sense of achievement is not there in the employee, he will lose his morale. In certain situations, the employee feels that his efforts are only causing the benefits to the superiors and the high-level management. Thus, they feel demotivated with this feeling, and they are not even given any credit. They lose their morale of working hard.

Signs that can warn you for low morale

Managers are most of the times looking for the factors that can help them know if their subordinates are losing their morale. There are some warning signs that can help them know if the employees are losing the morale.

  • Rate of absenteeism

It is the first sign that makes the employees about the interest of the employees regarding working in the organisation. If the employee is regular at work, his level of morale if high but if he is consistently absent, then it can be due to low morale. The managers can judge from the rate of absenteeism if the employee is interested in working further or not.

  • Rate of tardiness

The manager can also have an idea of the rate of tardiness if the employee has high or low morale. If the employees are coming late on a regular basis, it means that there is something which is demotivating him for not coming at work. And the employees who are always on time are happy coming at work, and they feel like coming. Thus, we can say that the managers can judge the rate of tardiness and know if the employee has low or high morale.

  • Labour turnover

If the rate of employees leaving the organisation is high, then it means the maximum number of people at work have low morale due to the system at work. And if the labour turnover is low in the organisation, it means that people are satisfied working in the organisation. Thus, the labour turnover is a factor that measures low or high morale.

  • Sabotage and strikes

If the strike rate is also high, the employees are highly dissatisfied that will make their morale to fall down. And if there are less strikes and sabotage, it means that people are highly satisfied working in the organisation.

  • Lack of pride

The managers can also have an idea of the level of pride in the employees. If the employees have high pride, it means that they are happy working in the organisation. If they feel that there is less pride in the employees, then this is the indication towards the low level of morale. It is the most common factor that can help the managers to know more about the employees and their working intention.

  • Waste and spoil the organisations

If the employee feels that the subordinates are spoiling the property of the organisation, it means that they are not having any belongingness with the company. Thus, they lose their interest due to low morale. And on the other hand, if the employee is taking care of the organisation’s property, they have the feeling of belongingness and have a high rate of morale.

Therefore, these were the causes that make the people lose their morale, and it also helps the employees to know clearly about the intentions of the employees.