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The Capstone is a project which tests the skills and helps students to enhance their skills in the field of networking. The main objective of the capstone project to build and design a secure, responsive, scalable and resilient large distributed system to support the video game services. The design of the network should be according to a case study in which Melbourne streaming services details are provided. The overall structure including the different departments of the organization is discussed. The main service of Melbourne streaming services is online game playing and is currently, developing a network which will enable the multiplayer to stream video games interactively to the MSS consoles. The whole case study is discussed in three sections i.e. system requirements, security requirements and statements of works.

System Requirements: - 

A basic requirement is to configure a distributed system that should leverage the four-tier application architecture. The network developed should able to support 50 million online subscribers within the 1 year of deployment for around 100 million hours. The network should be scalable, resilient and will have high availability so that the user will not face any issue using the network. The network created for the Melbourne Streaming service should support MSS consoles, Window and MACOS PCs along with Android and IOS mobile phones.

Security Requirements: - 

In the network, the Melbourne streaming services also require security because the multiple users are going to access the game online by using ports. The network designed must be able to defend attacks that are specialized designed to comprise the application stack, web services, microservices and infrastructure of the organization. Also, the Melbourne Streaming Services is expecting that the network should resolve all the security event within the three hours of being logged into the system. There should be a strong identity and the access management to allow the users to access network. The Melbourne Streaming Service is focusing to leverage its resources like proxy servers, reverse proxy server, NAT and subnetting to separate the public services from the private services. For assigning the IP address, the internal range is

Statement of Work: -

In the statement of work, the students required to provide a proof of concept from which the expected network will be practically tested. In the final report, the students require to recommend the best infrastructure strategy to the Melbourne Streaming Service and the recommendation should be from the cloud services, hybrid cost. While selecting the best solution the students require to focus on parameters like compliance, performance, privacy, cost and the control of the network. In the assessment, the design should be analyzed and tested for the online network infrastructure of Melbourne Streaming Services. Also, the students will require to provide a disaster recovery plan and the business continuity plan.

In a proof of concept for an online network, the students require to develop a small network by using the free-tier services of online cloud computing services like OpenStack Public Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud and the Amazon Web Services. To develop the network, the students can select the computing platforms such as operating system, intelligence tools, machine learning etc. In the implementation section, the students required to install and configure the hosted applications. Also, the security should be implemented by the students to secure the hosted applications. For example  - the web services, email services, web-accessible services, music, and video streaming application should be protected. For testing the network, the students need to run demos free multiplayer online game like Minecraft or other known games. For the final submission, the students should require to follow the template that is provided through their Moodle Accounts.