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Merits and Demerits of Diversity at Workplace

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Today’s world does not believe in the discrimination of any kind. And most of the diversity is found in the workplace. While working in an organisation, you will get to interact with the people from different religion, caste, gender, education, background and lots of other differences. Regardless of these things, diversity can also be found in the way of thinking of different employees and perceiving things. It depends on the organisation, how they recognise and use this diversity for the betterment. It can lead the company to achieve success with some investments in the input.

When we talk about the diversity, we refer to the difference in the majority. It has to be there in every country. We can define culture as the norms and standard of the society that is acceptable. It is the duty of HR managers to bring cooperation in the company, and you can also have easy learning of roles of HR managers.


  • Increase in creativity

If there is diversity in the workforce, different types of people would be working on some particular project. The number of brains working on something would bring some creative ideas. If there are people with different cultures and backgrounds working on a common goal, there would be high creativity, and the goals can be achieved in a better way. There would be a lot of people who are more creative, and thus they will come up with a lot of creative ideas.

  • Enhanced adaptability

To tackle the problems at the workplace, it is important to have different types of solutions. Thus, it is quite important to have a diverse workforce in the organisation. The process of hiring different types of people is quite long, but it consumes a lot of time. But the benefit of having people from diverse backgrounds is that they can offer better ideas for the adoption of handling demands of the customers in the markets. And that indicates that the organisation also have to work on the development of a new process for the innovative ideas and the collaboration of work.

  • Numerous ideas

Different people think in different ways. Thus, by hiring the people from different cultures at work, the organisation will always have the benefit of getting fresh ideas for every new project. Every individual will come up with their experience through which they can deal with it effectively. There can be diverse strategies that can work for the betterment of the companies.

  • Increase in productivity

With the help of globalisation, there is increased productivity in the company, and it has enhanced the internalisation for the better work. The diversity of the workforce helps to increase the functioning and the productivity of the organisation. For instance, executives of America are quite successful in the corporate world, but the people from Europe like to work at higher-level jobs. If we gather them at a place in some organisation, there would be increased productivity in the company.

  • Better services to the customers

If there are different types of people working in an organisation, there will be a vast range of culture, understanding, skills and languages which help the customers in providing a diverse range of services and that too globally. For instance, if we talk about the services of a hotel, if the hotel has hired people from different cultures, they would be able to accommodate people that belong to different caste and cultures.

  • Opportunity to mentor

This is something very beneficial for the companies that promote the diversity of age. The employees can have the seniors mentoring them, and resultant accelerate their success. The people who are fresh joiners can have the support from the professionals who are working already in the organisations.

  • Engagement of cross-training

It becomes quite easy to engage employees in the cross-training. At times, there is a need in the organisation to engage the people in cross-training, and if the company has people from diverse backgrounds, it becomes easy. The company needs not to outsource the experts, but they can easily engage their internal employees in the training of their subordinates or the people at the same level.


  • Communication problem

There is a major problem that is faced by the employees working with a diverse workforce is the problem of communication. It is hard for them to understand the different languages or to convey to them the messages. People belong to different environments, but they have the common objective of the betterment of the organisation. But at the same time, it is important to maintain a balance among them as there can be some conflicting situations that can engage them in provocative arguments. Thus, it is essential to maintain a healthy and beneficial environment for the co-workers.

  • Personal grudges are expected

There can be a lot of personal grudges if there is the diverse environment. If there is the situation, when the employees with less age are promoted working for few months but at the same time, the people working from ages are not promoted due to the level of performance, then there can be certain grudges in the mind of the experienced one. Thus, it becomes difficult to manage these situations and make them work together.

  • Incurring high costs

Besides the cost of manufacturing or sales, the company has to incur the cost of the training and development sessions. It is important for them to have seminars to teach their employees regarding the acceptance of thoughts and ideas. These sessions would help them to deal with the prejudgment and to tackle the conflicts in a better way. As long as you hire new people you have to incur the cost of the training of the employees.

  • A lot of competition

Healthy competition is always required in a workplace for the success of the employees and the organisation. But it depends on the employees, if they tend to feel reluctant for the acceptance of different cultures, then they will compete against each other. Consequently, there are different divisions in which the employees start working.

  • Disrespect in the organisation

The people who cannot work together due to their different backgrounds, tend to disrespect each other. It increases the tension and uncomfortable work situations in the company. Then, there will be less productivity in the organisation.

All we need is to maintain a balance in the organisation. If the employee is working happily, they will be satisfied in the organisation and would come up with productive ideas.

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