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Mobile Based Farmer Support Application Of Globex Corporation

Introduction to the organization

The report is all about Globex Corporation which is a prominent firm in Australia whose basic mission is to help farmers in order to increase their productivity in reduced time and cost. Globex corporation has been working for over three decades in the field of agriculture for deploying better outcomes or services. Furthermore, Globex corporation has a wide customer base and currently, the corporation working on their two latest products i.e. Farm equipment and precise farming. The Globes farming equipment sales and services that offers complete training on the latest technologies and helping farmers for their better future. Globex corporation has a wide range of new and used equipment’s or resources which consists of two warehouses in Albury, Griffith, and Wagga that allows their customers to choose a wide selection of units. On the other hand, Globex precision farming solution provided by Globex enhances or improving the farming efficiency through which farmers can easily and effectively improve their planning and decision making and their operational strategy. Globex precision farming integrates a large range of positioning technologies involving GPS, laser and optical technologies with application software and wireless communications that is used for better commercial solutions. Its better solutions allow customers to collect and manage complex information faster and making them more productive and profitable.

In addition to this, Globex corporation management has decided to develop a mobile-based farmer support application that would be very beneficial for farmers to effectively plan their crops every season. This app would help farmers to gain knowledge and information on which crops to grow and in what quantity, also markets to sell their produce. This proposed mobile based farmer support application project will be very advantageous for the farmers to reduce the problem of overgrowing a particular crop, manage the delivery and minimize the losses which impact smaller farmers.

Project description

Globex has urged mobile based application based system to effectively manage the overall MBFSA program. This proposed project or initiatives will be a collaborative work between the mentioned major entities: farmers, government, wholesales, and Globex own representatives.

Local government

Mobile-based farmer support application will be very useful in interacting with the local government on the current and predicted weather conditions and also the market demand for a particular crop. It would collect information such as geographical area name and date of a particular season. Also dates of changing weather conditions and other areas. MBFSA would also gather names and location of the geographical area respectively.

Wholesalers and Markets.

The proposed project or system MBFSA will allow several wholesalers to provide appropriate information on the name and quantity of produce needed in different geographical areas.Each wholesaler would like to register on this proposed application and manage their profile related information such as the name of the market, contact details and manager’s name. moreover, every wholesaler would have one or more geographical areas through which they can insert, update and delete the required produce needed.


This proposed mobile based farmer support application will collect easily information from farmers on their geographical locations for each of their farms, preferred crops they grow, capacity and season they grow crops. Farmers can easily register themselves on the application and insert, update and delete the information of farms, crops and season of choice.