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A Monopoly is an industry which involves a sole seller who sells a single product with no close substitutes. A monopolist or a sole seller has the power to finalize the prices of the products and services. The industries that enjoy brand loyalty alone is known as the Monopoly industry. Individual restaurants, Individual banks, Individual postal services, Individual IT industries and other industries fall under the category of Monopoly Industry.

Australian Postal Service Industry

The major monopoly industry in Australia is an Australian Post Industry. The Postal services of Australia restrict other entrants to enter into the industry. Australian Government plays an important role and become the Monopolist because it has the authorization to pass the act of the letter services. Very fast and impressive services are provided by the Government authority. Along with this, Australian postal services allow the authorization of peddling letters post in the country. Further, the postal industry adopts the statutory monopoly which weighs less than 250g and costs less than $ 2.40. There is a different role of ACCC and Government are described by Competition and Consumer Act, 2010. The role of ACCC in postal services is to propose the prices of postal services in Australia. ACCC’s final decision has been considered in the account submissions and received in a preliminary view in an issuing paper. Other than ACCC, the role of Government is to provide the authorization by the Regulation Act 1989. The services that are provided by the Government become impressive when the Government handles, maintain and manage the things adequately.

Drawbacks of the postal industry in Australia

  • The pricing of posting the letter is increased during an occasion. The high prices of letter services are not negotiable in nature. Sometimes the increase in prices may create difficulty for the people because they cannot bear the high-cost letter services.
  • Various issues are involved in an Australian Postal Services such as – inadequate tracking options, standards of parcel delivery, high price postal services in Australia and so on.

Australian Water Supply Industry

Water supply is another monopoly industry that operates in Australia. To protect the long term interest of South Australian people, water industry enhances the innovation, efficiency and competition. Water Industry Act introduces the changes that ensure to the retailers for the effective water supply.        

Some Examples of Monopoly industries are in other countries are –

Microsoft and Windows– According to Federal Judgement Microsoft are considered as the Monopoly industry. The company holds a position of Monopoly in Computer Operating System. It has the power to charge the price solely in the competitive market. Moreover, Microsoft is a multinational technology company situated in America with its headquarter in Washington. The company was founded in April 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. In 2016, it was considered as one of the most valuable company and also considered as the world’s largest software company by its revenue. In the year 2018, Microsoft was ranked 30th among the Fortune 500 rankings of United State corporations by its revenue. The main purpose of the company is to develop, support, manufacture and sell personal computers, consumer electronics, computer software and many other products & services. The most popular software products of the company are Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Window, Microsoft Operating System, Edge Web Browsers, Internet Explorer etc. 

Along with this, Microsoft introduced Window on November 1985. The group of the various graphical operating system is known as Microsoft Window. The most recent version for computers is Windows Server 2019. Other windows may in the form of –

  1. Windows IoT – Microsoft develops Windows CE which was renamed Windows Embedded Compact. This Embedded contact involves Windows Embedded standard, Windows Embedded Industry, Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows embedded Professional and Windows Embedded Automotive.
  2. Windows NT – Windows NT involves an operating system that serves different workstations and computers Windows NT is comprised of three operating system subfamilies such as –
  • Windows Server – The latest version of the operating system is Windows Server 2019. The major competitor of Windows Server is Linux.
  • Windows PE – Window PE is used for installing the windows on bare –mental computers. Its latest version is PE 10.
  • Windows – The mainstream of operating system are smartphones, personal computers, tablets etc. The latest version of Window is Windows 10. Major competitors are macOS by Apple and Android for mobile devices.              

DeBeers and Diamonds – There are a no close substitutes of DeBeers and Diamonds products. DeBeers and Diamonds itself is a complicated company and was founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes. This company is a multinational company that specializes in diamond exploration, diamond retail, diamond mining, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors. The mining of the company is taking place in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Canada. The working of the company is operated in 35 countries.