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Products range and structure of Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre

The main aim of Moortown sports and leisure centre is to inform the audience around the whole world about the outreach of the program and the implication of the centre. The target audience of Moortown sports and leisure centre is to the young girls and boys at a college and high school level who can participate in any type of sports. The rich people are also encouraged to become members of the centre (Myung & Yang, 2016).

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Sports and Leisure product

The product and service of any company is the basis of marketing. This product/ service is the unit of exchange with the customer. If these products satisfy the customers, then they may buy them continuously.  There are opportunities for the customers to use sports and leisure products. These products can be in the form Tangible and Intangible and discussed as –

  1. Products such as sports clothing, sports footwear and photographic material
  2. Services i.e. outreach opportunities, a lesson, a guided walk
  3. Programs such as a mother and child swimming session, an aerobics class, a Shakespeare production
  4. Facilities e.g. museums, tennis courts
  5. Events e.g. a music festival, a sports competition (Allender, Cowburn & Foster, 2006)

When these products meet the demand of the customers then it generates the realization of service outcomes. People always want to enjoy with their friends, to learn, to be skilful, to feel better and to win. This can be done if the organization provides these benefits to the customers and the customers will want to purchase these products and services again (Scheerder, Vanreusel & Taks, 2005). Along with this, the provision of services, programs and facilities are important to provide the opportunities to organizations. Thus the sport and leisure product is highly perishable Example – an unsold seat in the theatre production presents the permanent loss. However, Leisure products require testing and changing needs of the customers. Thus, Product testing and market research are needed to make the best chance for matching products. It can be observed that fulfilling the expectations of the customers is the very difficult task in terms of fluctuations in demand of the product, the quantity of the product and quality of the product (Dolan & Connolly, 2013). Along with this, the commercial products comprise the life cycle of the product –

  1. Introduction to the product
  2. Growth
  3. Development
  4. Decline

Any company can keep sports and leisure products for a long time. Some of these products are new and others are in the category of decline stage. Product development is the stage that fulfils the needs of the customers according to their expectations.  Apart from it, the organization should identify three levels of product which is based on –

  1. Core product
  2. Actual product
  3. Augmented product

Mind Mapping

The opening hours of Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre in terms of recreation and games are AM to 10 PM. The time frame of these activities begins from Monday to Friday between the timing of 12 PM – 2 PM and on Saturday between the timing of 8 AM – 2 PM.

Clubs and Programs of the centre

The clubs and programs of Moortown games and recreation centre approve the goodness. The 65 % of any program are ignored in the middle, 30 % of the gathering are come under the awareness and only 5 % knows about more than the two tasks.  Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre is based on 13 clubs and Only 2 % of people of Moortown uses these clubs.

The name of the clubs discussed as –

  1. Basketball Club of Moortown
  2. Moortown Volleyball Club
  3. Athletics of Moortown
  4. Moortown Handball Club
  5. MSCLC Squash Club
  6. Moortown Cricket Club
  7. Central Cycling
  8. Lake Moortown Rowers
  9. The Moortown Climbers
  10. Maulers Basketball Club
  11. Bowlers of Moortown
  12. Moortown Soccer Club
  13. MSLC Table Tennis Team

From these above clubs, the best club in the Moortown pool and basketball. This pool and basketball club is the better-understood court.

Operational Structure

The operational structure of Moortown Sports and Leisure Center is discussed as follows - 




Chairman is the head of the Leisure sports. Chairman is responsible for transport of the Moortown sports. He is also responsible for the organization of the activities and the funds in the overall unit of the Leisure centre.


The administration is an essential part who organize and regulates the conceivable events held in Moortown sports and Leisure sports.



The coordinator also knew as Occasion organizer, a critical part of the centre who arranges all the occasions held in the assistance of the organizational division.


Security division of the centre is prepared for the determination of an emergency and the security & safety of the activities.

Club Owners

The centre has 13 clubs in Moortown sports and Leisure sports. Each club has its own Proprietor which is responsible for the operational structure of the club (Russell, 2017).

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