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Negative Consequences of Information Technology

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Information technology

Information technology basically refers to anything which is related to computer technology such as hardware, networking, software, internet and the people who work with these technologies. In this world of emerging technology, business operations of most of the organizations have been transformed. All the manual activities that are performed in the organization have been automated with the development of business software and personal computers. Organizations develop their internal business technology to enhance the effectiveness of their business functions. With the help of information technology, organizations can easily transfer their personal details with each other in an effective manner (Rimmington, Dickens & Pasquire, 2015). As all the processes are done over the internet, there are chances that the organizations may face many issues while using information technology. Some of them include privacy, unemployment, lack of job security, dominant culture, implementation expenses, health effects, improper development of education etc.

Negative impacts of information technology

Business models, commerce and market structure (unemployment)

Reducing the importance of distance is one of the ways in which information technology is affecting society. Most of the organizations can send the projects over the internet to different nations which are affecting the local market. Most of the organizations rely on telecommunication to reduce the time differences and market with the manufacturing groups to enhance their business productivity. But, this directly affects the business of the local people as it is increasing the competition in the region of labour, infrastructure, capital, and resource market. This further leads to unemployment. All the jobs that are done by the people are now performed by technology. It causes more people to become unemployed. Technological development in the photography industry is a common example. Earlier, the photography industry has to depend on different parties. They have to first record the images, print laundry services, store in a photo album and send through the post office. Now, all the processes are done under the digital camera. This reduces the jobs in a single shot (Deb, 2014).


With the help of technology, people can easily share the information conveniently and in less time. As all the information is shared over the internet, there are chances that the unauthorized people can easily access the personal details of the people. This may affect the privacy of the people. With the help of camera technology, cybercriminals can easily take the pictures to blackmail the people by using their private information for unfair means. Therefore, it is important to consider the security measures before sharing the information over the internet (Robert Lee, 2018).

Implementation expenses

To implement information technology in an organization, management has to spend more money. Firstly, the organization has to spend money on purchasing the program. After the project purchase, the organization has to spend additional cost on the project development. Even the users of IT have to spend money to run the program and avail the services. Therefore, the cost is one of the common factors which needs to be considered by the people while using information technology.

Health effects

Due to the drastic development of mobile technology, the health of the people gets affected. Radioactive waves that are emitted from mobile phones are affecting the health conditions of people. All the activities that were done physically are now performed automatically by using information technology. By using advanced technical equipment’s, unhealthy conditions of people are increasing. For example, using computers on regular basis directly affects the eyes, brain and other parts of the body.

Improper development of education

Information technology is not properly introduced in the field of education. By using technology such as mobile phones, cameras, computers, students get into unethical activities such as mass communication., duplicating educational systems, and forgery. This directly affects the knowledge of students who are performing unethical activities (Vittal, 2011).

Therefore, it is concluded that instead of the advantages of information technology, there are some negative aspects which affect people. Hence, before using information technology, people should have proper knowledge about both the positive and negative aspects of information technology.


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