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Negotiate: The Key to Success in Project Management

Home Articles Negotiate: The Key to Success in Project Management

In project management, the managers must have a set of characteristics to be able to meet the requirements of various industries. With the help of useful software that facilitates the organizational and methodological demands of work, project managers can find the necessary foundation while refining their own set of good practices.

Whether attending a program at the university dedicated to developing your skills in project management or learning on your own the risks of the trade with the help of technology, there are specific qualities that one must exhibit to be successful. Some of these desirable qualities include having a mentoring mentality and being an expert in technology. However, one of the most vital skills for any project manager is negotiation. Without it, project management strategies, both interpersonal and online, will end up failing, since making wise decisions based on effective negotiations is the raw material for a worthwhile operation.

Why negotiations matter

Negotiating is a crucial process for project management, mainly because it is a part of the development of any project and software; in addition, it can greatly improve the systematic production of the project's objectives. Both informal and formal negotiations are typical in several scenarios, such as when we close contracts with suppliers (formal) or discuss obtaining internal resources (informal). Project managers should know how to negotiate and how to do it properly for the good of each step that the company's projects must follow.

Negotiations are important in many aspects of project management: in conflict management, in contract management and in that of interested parties. Having a great capacity for negotiation in a personal way and on the web, you will be able to show your capacity to talk and listen, while you settle and achieve certain limits and objectives. Having this ability also means that you know how and when to close a negotiation, which can have a significant impact on the outcome of the project and the online ranking of your company.

Tips to be a better negotiator

If you want to develop your skills as a negotiator, you must take into account several tips. One of them is that you have to always take the initiative and be proactive with your approach. By taking control of the process, you will have the psychological advantage to shape the result. Many people with great negotiation skills often use the "anchoring" technique by which you define your intentions clearly at the beginning of the conversation so that your counterpart uses your opinion as his or her starting point.

Using your body language for your own benefit is another trick. Several investigations in the field of communication show that 55% of a message is transmitted through body language, 38% with our speech and 7% with the words themselves. Which means that your facial expression and your gestures can make you a more persuasive and suggestive negotiator with respect to your point of view.

Negotiations, both in person and online, are a daily part of project management and, for people working in this field, it has become a vital element to develop effective negotiation skills to be able to stand out in your work, in addition to knowing how to use the organization software that the company owns.

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